A Membership for ME

March #SOLC17 Day 28


This past Christmastime, a friend suggested I get a massage.  This is the same friend who bought me a gift certificate for a massage about 9 years ago when another of my friend’s had cancer.  Kathy’s illness was so stressful that I couldn’t bear to do anything nice for myself.  I know that doesn’t make any sense, but as inexplicable as it was, it was an extremely strong feeling that I couldn’t deny at the time.

I’m happy to say there were no horrible situations happening in January, so I heeded my friend’s urging to take care of myself.  One 60 minute massage and I was hooked.  I swear, at least 50% of my time lying flat on my stomach, comfortably in the “face cup”,  was spent conjuring up all the possible times, days and ways I could make it back to that very place.  The massage table.

I need this.  I deserve this.  I can squeeze this into my life.

Once my session was complete I was jelly.  It was difficult to scrape myself up on off the soft, heated table and retrieve my clothes.  The room was still dimly lit and that soothing music was still playing.  I never wanted to leave this space.  I wondered if anyone would notice if I continued to lay there and just get a few winks of sleep. There were plenty of rooms left for them to use for other customers, I thought to myself.

I finally exited the room to find my masseuse waiting for me with a cup of cold water.  She suggested that I continue to drink water all day in order to detoxify and take full advantage of the heightened circulation my body was presently enjoying.  I thanked her for the water and moseyed to the waiting room, feeling like I was walking on air.  I promptly signed up for a year’s membership.

Today I received my third massage since the new year.  As a proud, card-carrying member of Massage Envy, I am able to reap the physical and emotional benefits of massage once a month. It turns out that I am able to maneuver my schedule to fit this into my life.  Today was 90 minutes of pure heaven.  The medium pressure that Charlotte applied to my neck, shoulders, and back were exactly what I needed on this cloudy spring break day.

Taking care of myself never felt so good!


3 thoughts on “A Membership for ME

  1. My first time was just a year ago….and then I had another….and another….and all three were so special and wonderful that I really wish there was a massage of the month club around! I am ENVIOUS of your Massage Envy!

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