Your Mood

SOL#16 Tuesday


I’ve always been this way.  You’re in a bad mood, I’m in a bad mood.  Your brooding, weepy mood is now mine.  Thanks so much.

You’re having a rough morning?  Crabby?  Sulking?  Me too.

It only happens with the down-in-the-dumps mood.  I’m generally a happy person, so your joyful mood has no effect on me.  I’m already there.

This reaction to the negativity you emit, it runs deep.  I’ve tried to take control, be intentional and own my state of mind rather than taking on yours.

To no avail.   I just absorb it and wear it like a blanket.  It envelopes me.  A cloud over my head.

I continue to work at keeping your mood at bay.  I surround myself with those who have a positive outlook.  They refuel me.

I also continue to remind myself that I can do this all on my own.  The strength I have inside is enough.

This is it.