Everyone Has a Story

March #SOL16 Day 31

sol[1]That’s what our wise waiter said to us the other night.  He was referring to the table just behind us to the left.

Let me start at the beginning.  It was just three of us at our table.  We had just picked our friend and colleague up at the airport and we were excited to reconnect.  We shared our latest happenings and showed pictures from our phones to back up those events.  It was later than we usually eat dinner.  Her plane had been delayed, so as a result, we ate late. That fact did not put a damper on our time together.  But, the table just behind us to the left?  They did.

They were loud, obnoxious, annoying and very drunk.  We could barely hear each other talk.  We’d shoot looks their way, but they didn’t notice.  They were too busy being loud, obnoxious, annoying and very drunk.

I think our waiter felt guilty.  He began telling us a little bit about these customers.  He said they came in every week.  He said they were always like that.  OK, fine.  We weren’t going to stop them from behaving the way people do in their home away from home.  We got it.

Then, on one of the waiter’s return trips to our table, he gave more details.  He shared that he used to wait on them until one day he didn’t.  He had heard that they inquired about his ethnicity.  Once they got their answer he mysteriously was never their waiter again.

He was so gracious about it.  Once I got out of my head where all kinds of rage and disgust were going on,  I turned my attention back to this gentle man.  What struck me was his reaction to this whole situation.  He said, “It’s OK.  Everyone has a story.  We’re all imperfect in some way.”  I discreetly pulled out my phone and captured what he said.

Yes, my dear waiter friend.  We are all imperfect…..some of us more than others.  It was at that point that I was much  more interested in HIS story than in theirs.

Farewell for now, my fellow  March 2016 Slicers.  I have thoroughly enjoyed writing with you and getting to know you.  You have taught me so much.


Mixing it Up

March #SOL16 Day 30


sol[1]I finally found a way to eat my fruits and vegetables.  I drink them!

I haven’t always been so healthy.  I am working against a life time of bad eating habits. When I was young, from about the age of 7 through 12, I loved to swim.  I worked up such an appetite from a full day of swimming, I would come home and eat a whole bag of Doritos and M & M’s.  I devoured anything I could get my hands on….none of it was healthy.

Those habits weren’t a total disaster for me back then because I was so active.  Fast forward to adulthood, and I just can’t consume all those calories anymore.  Something had to give.  Yet, it still took me some time to figure it all out.  I continued to be a junkfoodaholic, maybe just not so blatant as to ingest an entire bag of carbs and sugar and  other crap in one sitting. Then finally…..

I discovered the Nutribullet.  I found that I could put oranges, bananas, spinach and pineapple together in this wondrous machine and voila!  A creamy, frothy drink that tasted good and filled me up. Not only did I immediately drop some pounds, but I haven’t gotten a cold or the flu since the day I received my blender in the mail (from my beloved QVC) two years ago.

Now I have fun experimenting with different homegrown recipes.  I’ve tried organic carrots – leafy stems and all – along with cucumbers, apples, kiwi and grapes.  Mixing it up is what keeps it interesting and tasty.  I look forward to going to the grocery store and exploring the produce aisles.  Coming from this junkfoodaholic that is quite the statement!

A Ribbon in March

March #SOL16 Day 29


I learned about this structure from a fellow slicer and now it is mine!  Thank you to Dalilah Eckstein over at http://www.writearoundhere.com

Are you ready?

March is here

Lymphedema Awareness Month

Wear purple ribbons

Every cause has

their colored badge

Isn’t purple taken?

Maybe it’s blue

Bring an understanding

to something unfamiliar

We should know

People shouldn’t have

to suffer so

A side effect

of what already

has been more

than one should

have to bear.







Make a Wish

March #SOL16 Day 28

sol[1]The holiday meal has been cooked.  The turkey and ham have been carved.  Plates are filling up.  Lots of ooh’s and ahh’s can be heard from the guests. Everything looks and smells delicious. It doesn’t matter if it’s a dinner party of 10 or 4 we still must observe our tradition.

Off to the corner of the kitchen where no one else is around.  The wishbone awaits.  We each take an end, close our eyes and gently pull. We laugh each time time because it doesn’t matter who “wins” the tug. We both have the same exact wish.  Good health. Together we take that five seconds to put all the positive energy we can muster into this one moment.   We know what life can be like when health is poor.

We are grateful for every day that we are healthy.  We are trying to eat better, exercise and get more sleep.  But, we will continue our wishing tradition every holiday – just for good measure.


The wishbone awaits.



Guacamole Memories

March #SOL16 Day 27

sol[1]Yesterday we were at Mariano’s.  This place is a mega store that is packed with more food items than any one person could ever use.  Except this weekend.  Easter is coming, so we all need more than we usually buy at the grocery store on the eve of a holiday.

One of the things I happened upon as I was making way through this colossal retailer was a make-it-on-the-spot guacamole station. Made to taste.  Want it spicy?  Ask for cilantro. Want it mild?   Tomatoes and onions will make it perfect. I promptly ordered my jar of salty, yummy goodness.

As I watched the girl whip up my tub of guac I was taken back to when I was a pre-teen girl.  My parents were divorced, and as a result, there were many dinners out at restaurants in the city with my dad.  My sister and I took the train to Chicago to visit my him on most weekends.

Eating out with my dad afforded me many opportunities to try a variety of  new foods as a youngster and one of them was guacamole.  I didn’t want to try it, but as soon as I did I was a fan for life.  I felt so grown up and special with my dad I would have tried anything he suggested.

This trip down guacamole lane reminded me of some other things I learned while dining out with my dad.  He guided me in all things related to table manners.  Everything from which silverware to use when, to how to sit properly at the table (elbows OFF the table), to how to cut my steak (NEVER saw the meat), to how to order my meal.

While those were all very important things that I have kept with me for my whole life,  the most significant moment that changed me forever at one of my dinners with my dad was when I learned just how much he loved me. I vividly remember sitting at a fancy (to me) restaurant with him, just the two of us (no big sister in sight), when he looked me in the eye and said what a beautiful young lady I was growing up to be.  I can’t imagine a stronger, more vital message coming from a father to his young, impressionable daughter. I took this with me through every train ride, through every holiday that was split between mom and dad, through his tragic death.  It was his love for me that got me through it all.

A Glutton for Punishment?

March #SOL16 Day 26

sol[1]We are having a good deal of our condo repainted.  We have lived here for 10 years and it’s time for a makeover.  Our high rise was new construction when we first moved in so we had an blank canvas to create whatever our hearts desired.  The outside of the building has vertical and horizontal red stripes painted every 6 floors, or so. We thought it would be a cool reflection of the overall structure to have our living room also painted red.  It was cool once, but now we’re tired of it.  Time for a fresh can of paint.

Wipe away the tired and the old

Brush on the fresh and the new

The only problem is that we just had every inch of our flooring replaced a short 9 months ago. It was not by choice.  We had a leak in the kitchen sink that spilled over onto the floor. A very expensive cherry hardwood floor.

I wonder.  Am I a glutton for punishment because I am doing this again?  Pushing all of our furniture to the middle of each room.  Rolling up carpets that are so heavy they feel like they could have a dead body in them.  Cleaning  and re-cleaning because with all this pushing and moving comes lint.  Lots of lint.

We went to bed last night exhausted and sore from all the work.  Muscles aching in places I didn’t even know had muscles.  Furniture moved back to its place knowing full well that new rooms needed to be tackled this weekend.

As I reluctantly opened my eyes to a new day this morning I witnessed the new colors of our condo dancing in the reflection of the sunlight streaming in.  The richness of “Dapper Tan” that replaced the red in the living room is striking.  In the foyer, where the light stretches to reach the edges, “Hubbard Squash” brightens everything up in just the right way.  The entry way to every room has a newly painted door.  From a stark white to “Wickerwork.”  The white baseboards have also been transformed by “Wickerwork.” The hues are fresh and warm and they complement the colors already in place in a magnificent and surprising way.

Yes, I say to myself smiling and fully awake,  now I remember why we did this again.  Bring on the rest of those rooms!








Grace For a Young Man

March #SOL16 Day 25

sol[1]We had a long meeting after school today.  When it ended, a few of us sat around and chatted, blowing off steam from a long day and a long week.

Cathy, the principal in our group, was telling us about a situation involving a student and her car.  The student was playing around and did a careless, thoughtless, silly thing. We laughed and we didn’t laugh.  We acknowledged how important our cars are to us.  We also acknowledged that they’re just cars, that there are much more important things in our lives than our cars.

As our colleague continued her story she described how she talked with the student who was responsible for this act.  She let him know that she was aware of what happened.  A few things about this conversation struck me.  First, she told him, “If this is the worst thing you do as a kid then I’m going to be OK with that.” She said he sat in her office staring at her in shock, wondering what his “punishment” would be.  That was the second thing that struck me.

That was it.

The only consequence was this particular conversation they were having and imparting the knowledge to this little guy that there is a person attached the piece of property that he messed with.

That was the outcome.

A beautiful act of grace was shown to a student who is growing and learning about the type of person he wants to become.  This outcome was exactly what he needed at that exact moment.