Oooh La La!

March #SOLC17 Day 27


Ooooh La La!  Look at the plates that our waitress is bringing our way!

She juggles four or five different shaped dishes along her forearm.  She is so skilled.  Not a drop is spilled.

The aroma wafting up to my nostrils making it almost impossible not to inhale the banquet laid out before me.

The fake china does not diminish the excitement I feel.

I haven’t eaten all day, so I really don’t care what my food sits on at this point.

It’s 3:30 in the afternoon.  A couple of stragglers drinking their coffee, possibly eating a late lunch.  This greasy spoon closes at 4:00.

The yellowy goodness teasing me to break into it is just soft enough to slither out onto the plate and mix with the white.

Toast sits at the side –  ready to soak it up and add some crunch.

Salt and pepper know how to spice up the dish just right.

Patches of potatoes diced into squares with bits of onion and green pepper to dress things up.

Strips of bacon that are both greasy and crispy.  Genius!

And now for the finishing touch, a large dish that moves front and center.  Butter, syrup and powdered sugar sit atop this fluffy, delectable disc.

A pancake that fills the space of the entire dinner plate.

Oooh La La!!  No need to eat again today!




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