Five Minute Friday ~ “Nothing”

Five Minute Friday


“Look closer.  Do you see anything?”

“Nope.  Nothing.”

Next day.

“I think I see something.  It’s kind of itchy.  Do you see anything?”

“Yes, I see something now.  It’s not nothing anymore.”


“Surgery is exactly 2 weeks away.  This is the second time this has happened.  Nothing can interfere with this.  Not this time.”

“It’s OK.  Nothing will.  This is going to happen.”

Is it the way the body shows anxiety about impending surgery?

Have we caught it early?

Is this a wake up call?  Reminding us to be vigilant?  Not to slack off?

Be careful, do everything right and nothing bad will happen.

Next day.

“Look!  Nothing.  All gone!”

“Whew.  We will hold our collective breathe for the next 12 days.  Hoping for more nothing.