This Little Piggy

#SOL Tuesdays


No!  We can’t stand it anymore!  Day after day.  We haven’t been free since…..October!

Please, please don’t cover us up.  It’s dark in here!  Do we embarrass you?

Now you are going to shove us in this confined space?  What are you, cruel????

I know your laundry is sick of it, too.  Every day those black, dark hoods stack up in the hamper.

All we want to do is feel the air and sun.  Instead, we have lint rolling over and between us in here.  It’s nasty.

Really, we need to breathe.  One day very soon you are going to get a paint job.  When you do that you are going to HAVE to show us.

Maybe you should go shopping?  Yes!  Some new clothes will definitely call for a fancy pair of the open-toed variety.

We have always been here for you.  Without us, you wouldn’t be able to get around.  Walking would be impossible. 

Please.  For the love of God….Let.  Us.  Out.

Come on spring!  It’s time to break out the sandals and brightly colored toenails so these little piggies can live free for the next 7 months, or so….