Five Minute Friday {Truth}

I’m participating in Five Minute Friday.  Write off a word for 5 minutes, share, and comment on others.  Join us!


She didn’t know the truth, so she made it up.  “Was that OK?”, she wondered.  “Maybe I’ll say I guessed instead of made it up,” she said.  “People will scoff if I don’t at least come close.”  She went about her day.  Wondering if the “guess” she made was even close.

Lunch time came.  She continued her elusive guessing game, hoping she was fooling others, desperate to convince herself.  She realized she had been here before.  It didn’t work back then….why did she think it would now?   It had to.  She didn’t have time for all the extra stuff that came with being exact.  But.  Was she prepared for not being right?  Was it easier now, but much, much harder in the long run?

Then came the obligatory negative self-talk; “Who will it hurt, anyway?  It’s only affecting me.  No one else cares.  Geez, I am so stupid.  Of course it affects my friends and family.  They care how close I come to the truth.  It’s really a matter of life and death.  I’m an idiot.”

By dinner time I vow to go back on that diet that I’ve yo-yo’d through my entire life.  This time it’s going to be different.  This time I’m going to really count those calories and not just hope for the best.  This time I will tell the truth about what I’m putting into my body.  Who knows….maybe it’ll actually work this time!



Hail to the Chief


He was the Chief.

He served his community as a police officer for 37 years.

He served his country in Korea.

He was always in charge.  Admired and loved by all

He was known everywhere he went.  “Hi Chief!”, neighbors would say.

He had such a strong will he refused to demean his men.  He’d resign first.  And he did.

He held his head up, above it all.  Loyalty.  The most important thing in the world.

He retired after 37 years, the same number of years his daughter will have worked.

He was a dad

He raised three successful children.  Was grandfather of six.

He drove his squad car to the field to watch them play ball.

He raised a confident, strong-willed, intelligent daughter.

He walked her down the aisle looking serious, but with a quiet smile on his face

He didn’t always show his emotions, but his pride often beamed through

His was a husband

Two Italian Americans coming together for over 50 years of marriage

Cooking with love.  Looking to him for guidance, comfort, direction.

His final years didn’t represent who he was.

He forgot things.  He wasn’t the same.

But, his kind disposition remained in tact.  The nurses loved him.  He was agreeable and even laughed.  Occasionally

Today he is at peace

Today he is the old Chief again – happy, smiling, telling his stories, watching baseball, eating popsicles and walking.  Walking everywhere.  Maybe even driving that car again?

Today he walks and talks and greets those who left us in earlier years

Today, his brother and his parents are saying, “Hey Chief!  Hey Charlie!  Great to see you!  Welcome home.”

Five Minute Friday {Grace}

I’m participating in Five Minute Friday.  Write off a word for 5 minutes, share, and comment on others.  Join us!


The word grace makes me think of a lot of things. 

Grace under pressure

Losing gracefully

Showing the grace of a ballerina

Saying grace at the Thanksgiving table

A girl named, Grace

Showing another person grace

The one that interests me the most; showing another person grace.  Grace is like acceptance.  Like forgiveness.   Working in a school district I constantly wonder if we show enough grace to those with whom we work.  Students.  Parents.  Co-workers. 

All human beings are deserving of grace.  None of us are perfect.  We all make mistakes.  Grace gives us the chance to try again and get it right.  Grace is about understanding these things, but still not expecting perfection.  

Grace.  It’s what I give to you and what you give to me.  It’s what makes living with others tolerable.  It’s the pass.  It’s the nod that’s it’s OK and I trust that you will try again.