When We Were Young

March #SOLC17 Day 29


“So!  What’s new?!” I asked as I sat down in the chair to have my color applied.

We talked about her kids and if they were on spring break.

“Well, I went to pick my daughter up at preschool the other day and this sweet little 5-year-old boy approached me asking for our phone number. He looked up at me with his big blue eyes and asked, ‘Can I come over and play with Savvy one day?’  I told him, ‘Sure!’  He then said it would be nice if I could just go ahead and give my number to his Nanny so she could schedule a play date.”

“His Nanny?!” I asked.

“Yep. His Nanny!” she said

“She’s going to schedule a play date?” I asked in a continued state of shock.

“Yep. A play date”, she replied.

We then went into a tirade about how things were when we were young.  No one in our lives scheduled a time for us to play with our friends and we certainly didn’t have Nannies to arrange all of this!

We then laughed at the huge discrepancy between now and then.  We were basically thrown out the door of our homes and told to go find our friends to play and to be sure and come home when it got dark!  There were no cell phones – all we had were our two feet and possibly a bicycle.

What is happening to the children of today?  Everything has to be scheduled and organized and they aren’t learning this on their own.

“Please don’t organize play dates for your kids anymore!  I begged Kim to stop the cycle.

She told me I was nuts, and that things are different now from when we were young.

Time to wash out the color and start cutting!



One thought on “When We Were Young

  1. Oh the conversations we have with our hair stylists. I agree, take away the electronic devices and give them a bik3 and some time outside. They will figure it out just like we did when we were growing up.
    P.S.we kind of organized it ourselves.

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