Mixing it Up

March #SOL16 Day 30


sol[1]I finally found a way to eat my fruits and vegetables.  I drink them!

I haven’t always been so healthy.  I am working against a life time of bad eating habits. When I was young, from about the age of 7 through 12, I loved to swim.  I worked up such an appetite from a full day of swimming, I would come home and eat a whole bag of Doritos and M & M’s.  I devoured anything I could get my hands on….none of it was healthy.

Those habits weren’t a total disaster for me back then because I was so active.  Fast forward to adulthood, and I just can’t consume all those calories anymore.  Something had to give.  Yet, it still took me some time to figure it all out.  I continued to be a junkfoodaholic, maybe just not so blatant as to ingest an entire bag of carbs and sugar and  other crap in one sitting. Then finally…..

I discovered the Nutribullet.  I found that I could put oranges, bananas, spinach and pineapple together in this wondrous machine and voila!  A creamy, frothy drink that tasted good and filled me up. Not only did I immediately drop some pounds, but I haven’t gotten a cold or the flu since the day I received my blender in the mail (from my beloved QVC) two years ago.

Now I have fun experimenting with different homegrown recipes.  I’ve tried organic carrots – leafy stems and all – along with cucumbers, apples, kiwi and grapes.  Mixing it up is what keeps it interesting and tasty.  I look forward to going to the grocery store and exploring the produce aisles.  Coming from this junkfoodaholic that is quite the statement!


4 thoughts on “Mixing it Up

  1. Those habits are harder and harder to break! Good for you! Ny first question is if you get all the gunk you have to clean out like when you juice stuff?

  2. I totally understand about bad habits. Can’t live without my diet coke!!!
    I love the way you include then finally…. and your discovery of the Nutribullet.

  3. I was just in a 6th grade classroom today looking at a social commentary related to junk food. It was surprising to see how many kids reported not eating vegetables at all. I guess I shouldn’t have been too shocked- my own children are extremely picky eaters. I find myself using my Vitamix on a daily to sneak some veggies in to meals and drinks.

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