Everyone Has a Story

March #SOL16 Day 31

sol[1]That’s what our wise waiter said to us the other night.  He was referring to the table just behind us to the left.

Let me start at the beginning.  It was just three of us at our table.  We had just picked our friend and colleague up at the airport and we were excited to reconnect.  We shared our latest happenings and showed pictures from our phones to back up those events.  It was later than we usually eat dinner.  Her plane had been delayed, so as a result, we ate late. That fact did not put a damper on our time together.  But, the table just behind us to the left?  They did.

They were loud, obnoxious, annoying and very drunk.  We could barely hear each other talk.  We’d shoot looks their way, but they didn’t notice.  They were too busy being loud, obnoxious, annoying and very drunk.

I think our waiter felt guilty.  He began telling us a little bit about these customers.  He said they came in every week.  He said they were always like that.  OK, fine.  We weren’t going to stop them from behaving the way people do in their home away from home.  We got it.

Then, on one of the waiter’s return trips to our table, he gave more details.  He shared that he used to wait on them until one day he didn’t.  He had heard that they inquired about his ethnicity.  Once they got their answer he mysteriously was never their waiter again.

He was so gracious about it.  Once I got out of my head where all kinds of rage and disgust were going on,  I turned my attention back to this gentle man.  What struck me was his reaction to this whole situation.  He said, “It’s OK.  Everyone has a story.  We’re all imperfect in some way.”  I discreetly pulled out my phone and captured what he said.

Yes, my dear waiter friend.  We are all imperfect…..some of us more than others.  It was at that point that I was much  more interested in HIS story than in theirs.

Farewell for now, my fellow  March 2016 Slicers.  I have thoroughly enjoyed writing with you and getting to know you.  You have taught me so much.


4 thoughts on “Everyone Has a Story

  1. The waiter’s response is such a great example of how you can’t control people, but you can control your attitude toward them. Restaurant servers put up with so many rude people. I admire their integrity! Being Italian, I would have a tough time holding back. However, I hope to be reminded of this gracious man next time my blood starts boiling.

  2. I connected with this story quite a bit. I am wondering what I would have done in the same situation as I am a waitress with loud, obnoxious, very drunk regular customers who lack the same tolerance as myself. I want to adopt some of this man’s humility and gentleness. It is easy to get frustrated and annoyed but you were able to find the light in the situation – great job!

  3. I love the waiter!! I get it!! I think of our own situations at work with our families and everyone does have a story. It is important to know that even though we must be empathic to their situations too. I have loved your slices!! You are a writer that hooks me in!!

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