A Ribbon in March

March #SOL16 Day 29


I learned about this structure from a fellow slicer and now it is mine!  Thank you to Dalilah Eckstein over at http://www.writearoundhere.com

Are you ready?

March is here

Lymphedema Awareness Month

Wear purple ribbons

Every cause has

their colored badge

Isn’t purple taken?

Maybe it’s blue

Bring an understanding

to something unfamiliar

We should know

People shouldn’t have

to suffer so

A side effect

of what already

has been more

than one should

have to bear.








6 thoughts on “A Ribbon in March

  1. I saw this format yesterday. I borrowed my format from a fellow slicer yesterday. I love the sharing that happens in our community.
    Looked up lymphedema
    It’s so unfair.

  2. I’m always excited to learn of a new format. Also, I was not aware of Lymphedema Awareness Month, and appreciate the information. Thank you for sharing this…..

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