Make a Wish

March #SOL16 Day 28

sol[1]The holiday meal has been cooked.  The turkey and ham have been carved.  Plates are filling up.  Lots of ooh’s and ahh’s can be heard from the guests. Everything looks and smells delicious. It doesn’t matter if it’s a dinner party of 10 or 4 we still must observe our tradition.

Off to the corner of the kitchen where no one else is around.  The wishbone awaits.  We each take an end, close our eyes and gently pull. We laugh each time time because it doesn’t matter who “wins” the tug. We both have the same exact wish.  Good health. Together we take that five seconds to put all the positive energy we can muster into this one moment.   We know what life can be like when health is poor.

We are grateful for every day that we are healthy.  We are trying to eat better, exercise and get more sleep.  But, we will continue our wishing tradition every holiday – just for good measure.


The wishbone awaits.




7 thoughts on “Make a Wish

  1. I love the sense of tradition I get from this piece…and that everyone has the same wish…I pray that your wish comes true this year.

  2. Ahhh yes, the wishbone. An honorable tradition indeed. This is what I call a “feel good” slice. It made me happy reading it. 🙂

  3. I don’t ever remember a turkey on our table without the wishbone taking center stage. I remember my mother making us wait until it dried out enough to make a clean break. Ha! You make me think of generations of families who’ve had their own “special” wishes over the years. Here’s to hoping everyone’s wishes come true!

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