March #SOL16 Day 6


There are at least 400 people in this space.

Some even without seats, mostly congregated by the bar and the door.

Patrons are laughing, talking and reconnecting, it seems.  Couples who had dinner earlier and are now ready for the big show.  A singer they loved 20 plus years ago.  Maybe his song was played at their wedding.  They have children of their own now – probably in college. They have dreams of their children marrying one day, not too soon, but not too far away. Maybe they will have that same song at their wedding?  They hope.

This beautiful venue has two main parts; a simple stage with 3 guys and the rest of us.

The 3 guys are smiling, singing, playing instruments, sharing witty stories in between songs.

Then it  hit me somewhere around the 4th or 5th song.  Perhaps it was right after a a quick trip to the bathroom.

These 3 guys have no idea what is going on with the 397 of us.

In the expanse that is laid out before them there are noisy conversations with flailing arms that don’t notice items on the table causing dropped and broken wine glasses resulting from booming merriment leading to angry disputes and threats of fights ultimately resulting in the removal of certain people from the establishment.

At times, my mind became more interested in what the crowd might be doing behind me (good seats, we always have good seats)  than what was going on with our 3 guys on stage. How in the world could it not??  After all, it wasn’t at all far fetched that some vomiting – at the seats – was taking place.

All I hoped for was a large distance between our table and the ruckus that lived beyond.

The 3 guys carried on.  Their witty banter is undaunted.  Do they know what’s going on with this rowdy crowd?  I asked myself.

We continue to hear about the early days of traveling on the road and how this particular song was written.

All very fascinating accounts, but somewhat difficult to give our full attention as we see the hard-working, very tired manager sprint past us to get to the latest altercation.  What the heck?   This room is full of 50 somethings who have had too much to drink.  How quickly they went from the happy couples reconnecting with their other couple friends to…..this. It wasn’t pretty.

And the 3 guys on stage?  They move through their set with the same smiles they started with.  Aware or unaware?  I wasn’t sure.



7 thoughts on “Unaware

  1. Now I’m trying to figure out who the performers were at your night out. The way you describe this event sounds like an out of body experience… 50’s something reliving their youth!

  2. Wow, Carrie. Some things never change, huh. I, too, am a fifty something (I can’t believe I just put that in print) and what is clear to me every day of my life is that while I may look different on the outside, I still feel 25 on the inside.

  3. People watching is one of my favorite things to do at concerts and sporting events. I often wonder what the performers or athletes are thinking because I am sure they see some of the same acts. What do they think?

  4. I have become a people watching guru at concerts. Something to do with having to attend many where I do not know, or wish to know, the music. The people are always interesting. I would imagine that they knew there were skirmishes and counted on the venue to handle it? I would like to think so. I’ve been to a lot of concerts where those on stage stopped the show to address those in the audience. Sometimes our audiences get a bit more than rowdy- even at those shows where rowdiness is encouraged. 😉

  5. One of the things I love most about City Winery is the typical demeanor of the crowd – usually quiet & respectful! That sounds more like a show at The Metro! Hope you still enjoyed the music

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