March #SOL16 Day 7


Shooting through my mind like flashes of light.


Tell them.

Ask them.

Find out.


When will I finally sleep?

Should I get up or lay still?

It’s dark in here, but these flashes of light make it so bright.

These words that need action.

How can I dim them?


14 thoughts on “Words

  1. In a beautiful way, you described perfectly the inside of my head. I love that you describe the words in your head as “flashes of light”. I write these flashes on post-its – it sometimes helps me sleep.

  2. What a great description of the way minds work at night when they are heavy with many thoughts of things to do. Yes, the key is dimming those flashes. I often do get up if they won’t go away. Then I wish I had the energy to DO the things that I was THINKING so energetically about.

  3. I dare not give any advice for dimming those flashes of light, because I don’t have any answers. I can actually FEEL your frustration through your words. I can sense the movement of time (which is not good because it’s time that needs to be filled with restful sleep) in anticipation of morning. I bet you just wanted morning to come and be done with it!

  4. “These words need action, how can I dim them?” That’s a concept we all wrestle with. I really liked how you phrased it that way though. This whole thing gets me. I do love words. I keep a journal of them, like a freak. Actually when I read that gorgeous picture book about Roget and his Thesaurus last year, I felt way more normal… I like the blog theme update btw; very fresh and bright!

  5. Ahh yes, I know this all too well. I was just talking to a student about his slice…about words. Yes, he wrote about words. How they are everywhere and mean everything. How some have multiple meanings. How only 26 letters build countless words. There was a sense of awe throughout. No wonder there are sleepless nights! Good luck!

  6. Carrie, you win the award for the most relatable slice. OMG!! I felt the same way……thought I had time. Where did it go. I am not ready either!!!

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