I’m Not OCD…..Not That There’s Anything Wrong With That!

March #SOLC Day 17

sol[1]Last week, when I sliced about the carpet squares in my hallway not being arranged perfectly by color, I was feeling pretty good about the comments that followed from my fellow slicers.  Some of them called me creative, saying that’s why I liked the randomness of those red, beige and orange squares outside my door.  I’m not going to lie……it felt good.  Me – creative.   I liked how that sounded.  But ever since then I’ve come across other examples of situations where I need things to be in a certain order.  Just-so.

Yesterday, during our administrative meeting, I had to get up from my seat and walk to the other end of the room to close the closet door.  I had been staring at it for all of 30 seconds when I realized sitting through a 3 hour meeting with that door wide open, showing all of its contents to the rest of the room, would never work.  This simple act got me to thinking.  Am I OCD?  No.  I’m creative.  I can’t be OCD…not that there’s anything wrong with it!

This morning I continue to wonder.  While showering (the very best place to think about life and slicing) I was mentally planning out my day.  Grocery shopping is on the to-do list for tonight.  I love grocery shopping.  There is something about walking up and down every single aisle, never skipping one, and coming home to fill up my (and my mom’s) cabinets and refrigerator that feels so good.  Check it off the list!

Laundry is also on the to-do list for tonight when I come home from work.  All my friends know that I love everything about getting those clothes cleaned, dried and folded!  I even enjoyed doing it in sunny (HOT) Las Vegas one summer.  We had a rental car for that particular vacation so instead of going to the pool one morning we headed to the “Strip and Dry.”  It was a breezy 110 degrees outside and a dry 150 degrees inside, but it didn’t matter.  I still love the act of doing laundry…..no matter where I am.  Check it off the list!

I guess the lesson I’ve learned is to remember that we are all made up of many parts.  I like to see things in random order.  I also like to see  things in an orderly way.  I am not limited by one part of my personality.  Instead, I am who I am because of all of the parts of my personality.  We are complex, varied human beings.  One word does not define us.




14 thoughts on “I’m Not OCD…..Not That There’s Anything Wrong With That!

  1. Nor is anyone a series of letters! I think the need to put things in order is a way to make sense of our world, in the moment. Limit the chaos. But we are so many ways.

  2. I feel like I am reading my own post here. I am with you – I like things “just so”. If you ever get a chance, check out the book “Kissing Doorknobs” it is a about a young woman who has OCD. It helped me accept my particulars and realize that I don’t have OCD.

  3. Nope. Nor does a “neat” little acronym translate to negative at all to me. I’m am not but most of my best friends “suffer” from OCD. It’s an extraordinary little tick that keeps their houses, cars and their persons clean and inviting. I’d knock it up in the pro column of personality traits… Gotta give a little love to a well-played Seinfield reference as well. Attention nabbed every time. 😉

  4. Love your takeaway here. I don’t think you’re OCD, but I love that you feared being OCD would mean you weren’t creative! Ha. I don’t think you’re OCD, but I do think you’re weird for enjoying grocery shopping and doing the laundry!

  5. I like this piece a lot. I remember doing a slice about left brain/right brain last year…..it is always interesting to see how other’s respond. It is our uniqueness that makes us special…..:-)

  6. So funny that I stumbled upon this choice of topic for today’s slices as my students just inquired if I had OCD as I was obnoxiously straightening their desks all day…and putting pillows back “where they belong”… Haha…I, too, like to think I am not OCD, just intent on keeping a clean classroom!

  7. I love the reflection here. It’s funny how sometimes things have to be in order and other things done bother us a bit. Walking through every isle and not missing a one – I like this line – and just underscores your love for grocery shopping. A love for grocery shopping and doing laundry?!?! You are hired!!!!

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