March #SOLC15 Day 18


It’s the flowers bursting with color.

Their petals open wide like the mouths of baby birds waiting to be fed.

It’s the beautiful plump star in the sky.

It rises up from the east every morning like a big brown bear coming out of hibernation.

It’s the fluffy pillow that sit on my couch.

Its wispy feathers escaping from the coming apart seams like the little boy who steals away from time out thinking he won’t be noticed.

It’s the ripe banana ready to be peeled for my lunchtime shake.

Its brown spots as easily ignored as those on an aging hand.

It’s the color yellow.

Its the mixture of red and green creating beauty like that of two people finding each other and being together forever.







6 thoughts on “Yellow

  1. The cadence of this piece is stunning. The couplet structure utilized is equally masterful. This piece is easy to read; easy to adore. Personally, I loved the comparison of the feather and the boy who steals out of time-out. I get that one — it’s my life right now! 😉 Glad I stopped by today!

  2. Neat slice! I thought it would be all about yellow things in nature but then all types of yellow items were popping up! Loved … Petals opening wide…baby birds mouths and wispy feathers escaping…little boy steals…time out. Great, creative descriptions that painted the picture for me! The idea of writing about many things that can be described by the color yellow was fantastic! I just may steal it! 🙂

  3. I had a yellow room as a kid and got sick of it. (My bedroom still has the same furniture as it did when I was three years old. STILL YELLOW!) Therefore, I despised yellow for a long time. I’m finally at the point where I see the beauty of the color. And your poem makes me feel a love (almost) for the color yellow.

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