Nydra – An Erasure Poem

March #SOLC15  Day 16

sol[1]I decided to do an “erasure poem” from a slice I did last year on this exact date during the March SOL Challenge.  The original piece is at the bottom (I think….).  It was a great exercise at determining exactly which words I needed to carry the meaning through.  Not to change the piece, but to make it more succinct.  Not as easy as it sounds!  It is also in honor of my youngest niece who is getting ready to graduate from college this spring.  I hope you enjoy.


Lunch with my sister, mom and niece.

My niece is away at college.

The youngest of three sisters adopted 18 years ago.

Nydra was 4.


To herself.

Today I saw a beautiful young girl who has grown into a beautiful young lady.

I’ve watched my peanut grow.  Mature.

Sometimes shy, timid and angry.

Bearing the brunt of a violent life.

A drug-addicted mother whose boyfriends came and went.

She fought.

Felt misunderstood.

Feeling like an outsider.

Developing into her teens still finding herself.

Her second university; she came into her own.

Having fun while away at school.

She has strong interests.



I am so excited for her.

Helping my mom with her menu, her purse, and the heavy chair.

So loving.

So gentle.

So happy.

erasure poem



8 thoughts on “Nydra – An Erasure Poem

  1. Great idea! We could create a challenge within the challenge next year by taking each day’s piece from this year to create an erasure poem. This is a success. I feel the strong sense of love and admiration that you have for Nydra. I remember the picture from last year!

  2. A beautiful tribute to your niece! What exactly is an erasure poem though? I’m thinking that you took another slice and erased certain text from it to create an entirely new idea?

  3. Such a sweet poem highlighting your niece’s wonderful qualities. She sounds like a strong, bright girl with an amazing future ahead of her! I hope you share this with her…this is something she would definitely cherish.

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