I Get Hot

March #SOLC15 Day 11


I get hot.  I don’t get cold.

This has been coming on for many years now.

I suppose I am at that age.  You know.  Where things start to change.

Everyone knows that the warmest covering I need in the dead of winter is my scarf.  I just don’t get cold.  I get hot.

My friend and I (who are in the same age bracket, if you get what I mean…) (she’s hot, too) stay in hotels in the area a couple times a month when we have consultants working with our districts.  We bring a fan with us every single time.  People stop and stare.  I know they’re thinking… Is she carrying a fan into her hotel room?  Is that a fan???  Sometimes they’ll come out and ask me, “Do you have a fan and are you using that in your room?”  I really just want to shout it out – Yes!  I have a fan!  I know it’s January!  I know it’s 15 degrees below zero and there is snow on the ground!  I. Get. Hot.

Today I was in multiple meetings with various people and I felt myself getting hotter and hotter. “Is it me?” I would ask them as this red hot sensation was beginning to overtake my entire body  -from my toes to my beet red face.  I started fanning myself with the nearest piece of paper – one that was sure to be able to stand up to the swift movement back and forth needed to create cool air.  My colleagues in these meeting –  they were all younger than me.  They were wearing sweaters.  They weren’t hot.  I was.

Finally.  Back in my office.  Ahhhhh.  It’s nice and cold with the window opened and the ceiling fan twirling round and around.  Some have called it a meat locker.  I wouldn’t go that far.  But then again….I don’t ever get cold.  I get hot.




18 thoughts on “I Get Hot

    1. Oh yes! And, we carried it in every hotel we stayed at over the course of our road trip last summer! Denver – fan. Vegas – fan. Wyoming – fan. L.A. – fan. It was everywhere with us!

  1. And then as I get older (after all that HOT), I am not COLD all the time. Hubby keeps telling me to turn off my A/C.

  2. Ha ha I had to laugh at this one, as I can totally relate. “Is it hot in here, or is it just me?’ I must ask this five times a day. Usually, the answer is “it’s you.” I suffer everyday in that HOT media center, and if you noticed, I had all of the windows open today….but what I really wanted was the air conditioning. 🙂

  3. I know this about you! :)Your point came across strong due to your repeating line, “I get hot.” It comes across pretty strong too, when I am in your office and you open the window and turn on the fan! Happy Flashing!

  4. You and your scarf in the dead of winter. It kills me.

    Your repetition here was super effective. I feel like I always use repetition and sometimes it’s too much. You perfected it here. I’ll have to study your technique. 🙂

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