March #SOLC15 Day 12


Worried because I left my laptop plug at work

I won’t be at work again until Monday

Worried because I need to slice

I will figure out a way to make this happen

Worried because I’m going to run out of juice

I won’t ever forget again

Worried because it’s been a long day and slicing is difficult

I will publish and link before I lose power

Worried because I won’t be able to read other slices and comment

I will publish and log off.

To be continued…….


8 thoughts on “Worried

  1. I feel your pain! I recently shredded the mac cord at the weak point and had to borrow other people’s chargers for a week. It is amazing how much I rely on technology!

  2. I’m with you …I would be worried too…I hate leaving things places…my last big worry was leaving my brand new computer …only I didn’t realize it until the next day…found it, Thank you God. xo

  3. For you, not being able to Slice or write comments is like not being able to drive a car or drink milk. This is serious. Luckily, you have a friend with a Sony Vaio too. Charge on!

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