The Window


March SOL Challenge #11

I love the set up of my office and my desk.  As I sit at my computer I am facing a stack of books. I can simply look slightly to my left and seek out any book I may be looking for.  Or, I don’t have to look for a book at all.  I can just sit back and take in all that is my book shelf.  Enjoy the look of those book sitting quietly, waiting to be pulled at any time.  Looking slightly over my right shoulder is my other favorite thing in the whole wide world.  A big beautiful window.  I couldn’t function without a window.  Give me a closet as an office but please just make sure there is a window in there.

Since I was a little girl I loved having open windows in my house.  Summer days were filled with the song of birds and other sounds of the neighborhood as they danced through the house that was bookended with open screen doors.   Summer nights were heavenly as the crickets and tree toads sang me to sleep.  I felt cozy and warm and safe.  The smells of the warm breezes from the south wrapped around my dreams.

As I grew older I still loved keeping windows open at night.  My first townhome of my own had abundant windows.  Each bedroom had two large ones.  They were the type that lifted straight up, so they really let the air in!  My friends would say how hot it was in the summer and complain of their difficulty to sleep.  I didn’t get it.  I loved it.  Of course, I’d often have a fan on me.  Warm air, cool fan.  Loved the combination!

Now I live in a high rise condo building in the city.  Our windows do not have screens on them and they only open about an inch outward.  We have to live 24/7 in the summer with the A.C. on.  No fresh air!  I’ve gotten used to it, but I don’t like it.   At least I still have the window in my office.  I know that in a few weeks I’ll hear the chirping of robins and the other neighborhood sounds right outside.  That will make me happy.


12 thoughts on “The Window

  1. There are so many different smells you can enjoy when you open the windows. I always have the window opened by my recliner. There is nothing like fresh air spiked with evergreen scents.

  2. Your place is a room with a view and poor outdoor ventilation? Just kidding. I love a view too. I’m sort of obsessed with the weather and it’s always changing creating new landscapes. Your slices always make me think. They are great posts to connect to.

  3. I love summer nights with the windows open too! Air conditioning takes away all those wonderful sounds. I loved the line “other sounds of the neighborhood as they danced through the house that was bookended with open screen doors” I read it several times before I moved on.

  4. While reading your piece, I could actually feel and smell the spring air. I agree, there is nothing better than sleeping with an open window (did it last night and it was awesome). Thanks for the sweet remembrance of spring!

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