Love, Mom


March SOL Challenge #10

I need you to be patient with me when I am feeling sad

I need you to ignore me when I get upset because you bought onions that are too big or pears with too many marks or a t-shirt that is the wrong color

I need you to help me find that word I’m looking for when I’m confused

I need you to hold my hand when we walk. Not because you have to, but because you want to

I need you to let me do it on my own when I can, but don’t go too far

I need you to be understanding when yesterday I thought I didn’t need milk and today I realize that I need milk

I need you to help make my apartment as close as humanly possible to the home I once had

I need you to tuck me into bed and rub my arm once in a while.  Just like I used to do when you were young.

I need you to teach me new things.   When I am ready.

I need you to remind me of the positives and help me ignore the negatives

I need you to call me around the same time each day because you know I will have a panic attack if you don’t.

I need you tell me about your day because my day was pretty empty and lonely until you got here

I need you to empathize with me.  Remember that I’ve never been good with change.

I need you to allow me to cook dinner for you.  Please pretend to like it, even if it’s not very good.

While you do all these things I will try my very best to love my new home and be happy that I live so close to you.  I really do appreciate you.


Mom xoxo


16 thoughts on “Love, Mom

  1. Right down to the onions. Finding the word for me. Oh geez, such a perfect glimpse into a complicated time with so many relatable snippets.

  2. What a beautiful reflection off what your mom needs from you and why. I can hear a true feeling of understanding in this piece. I really like the line “just like I used to when you were young.” It brings two thoughts to mind…how we come into this world so needy and leave that same way, and that it’s a perfect opportunity to return the loving care given to you. Nice slice!

  3. Voice voice voice !!! That aspect of writing that some find so difficult, this is overloading with voice … Why? Because you laid your heart out on the paper… That’s not easy. Take care.

  4. Everything that you detail in here is so powerful. That even the small details we don’t think about can matter to our loved ones. This piece makes me admire the daughter so much…how hard this must be for her and the mother…but you can feel the love between these two…just lovely!

  5. It’s so cool how you wrote from your mom’s perspective. You two have such a special bond and this piece really captured it. The repetition was a great structure to bring it home!

  6. Carrie, I love how you wrote this from your mother’s perspective. So much of what you wrote is what my father would write. He is so proud and independent, but, like your mother, I know he appreciates the little things. I will print this out to remind myself of those little things. Thank you!

  7. I had to read this three times before I could comment because it stirs so many emotions for me. Your words perfectly depict what it means to have changed roles with a parent…you now being the strong caregiver. It’s not an easy role. I’m so glad that you know you are appreciated. Beautiful words!

  8. Isn’t it amazing how we all seem to come full circle with our parents. I try to remember how patient they were with me and give it back. It sounds like you have that in the bag. Savor all of your moments together.

  9. Carrie, this piece is so powerful! Writing a letter, being your mom’s voice, hearing what you need to from your mom. Healing. This is healing for you both. I think of our conversation last week. Makes me think’ maybe I can write a letter from Braeden’s perspective and share it with her. I think I’ll do that. Thank you Carrie.

  10. So beautiful and heart wrenching all that the same time…..this sad reality that brings tears to my eyes. Your writing has a way of reaching right into the hearts of others. This is one of those “must read” pieces. Thank you for sharing something so very special with all of us.

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