We Thought We Knew


March SOL Challenge #12


We thought it was going to happen today.

Now it’s not.

We thought we would be out of commission for many, many days to come

Now we’re not

We thought we would be on the road to recovery beginning tomorrow

Now we have to wait

We thought infections would be a thing of the past

Now we just have to hope

We thought we had it all figured out

Now we know we don’t…..and that’s OK.


16 thoughts on “We Thought We Knew

  1. It’s all about realizing we don’t really have control. You embrace it and use it to your advantage. I will take this message with me. Thank you.

  2. I love a good see-saw structure, it’s my favorite. Everything will totally be OK in time. Meditate or pray to get to your calming place where clarity runs free. My thoughts are with you.

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