We Found a Home

Amanda, Ebonee and Nydra. 

Three sisters.

Three sisters growing up in turmoil.

Three sisters who have seen too much.

Three sisters who kept trying to find a family that would love and protect them.

Three sisters who went to school together and caught their principal’s eye.

Three sisters who finally found a home.

Three sisters who have been able to stay together and who love to hang out together.

Three sisters who have grown into beautiful young ladies.

Three sisters who have made our family bigger and brighter with each passing year.

Three sisters, daughters, neices, granddaughters – you are home.


10 thoughts on “We Found a Home

  1. This is so nice. It makes me want to hear more about the three sisters and the home. Are you going to write any more about them? I know what you mean about getting the post out late….hope it was not too late for any comments. 🙂

  2. Happiness and hope for the three sisters who found their home. You are a lucky mother, cousins, aunts and grandparents too.

  3. Elegant because it is simple. Your poem nudges me to recall how my two daughters bonded to survive their parents’ divorce and other waves. They are nearing 40 now. This weekend they took a “sister retreat” off in a cabin, “glamping” as one calls it. That’s camping without being out in dirty tents. Their personalities are almost polar opposites, yet their tie, their love, their understanding is palpable. Thank you for your right-on-time poem.

  4. This is a beautiful poem, and it leaves me wanting more. I’ve gotten the overview, now I want the details. I want to see the beautiful story, the big smiles, the hands holding hands, the loving principal. This forms such a wonderful image in my mind. Thanks for sharing!

  5. This is really great, Carrie. The structure is powerful with the repeating words. Super brave of you, I know you were hesitant to try poetry. You did it, and it’s brilliant!

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