To My Writer’s Notebook:

SOL #8
To my Writer’s Notebook – I just want to say…….I get you now!

I used to carry you around because I felt I had to. 

I felt like you were something I should understand because all the authors I look up to understand you – and use you well.  And, I want to be like them.

So, I forced it.

I went on a road trip out west the summer of 2011 and I was determined to write in you.  You just sat in the back seat – never opened.  Oh, you were talked about. Alot.  There were the miles and miles of windmills in Nebraska. “I should draw a picture showing how cool these look!” Or, the crazy mountain roads of Aspen. “I should write about the shock and awe I feel while driving on these foggy, snowy roads in July!” Then there was the breathtaking Grand Canyon. “I should write about its beauty and depth!”  Nope, nope and nope.  I was excited about all those things I was seeing, but I just wasn’t feeling the writing part.

Then, about a year later I was writing a graduation speech.  I thought – now I will have a use for you!  But, no.  Again, I tried.  I wrote a few quotes in you that I’d heard from TV and from other speeches.  But then I just started writing the entire speech – and everyone knows that’s not right!

Then, I was introduced to this writing challenge. A simple, yet huge thing in my life changed. I would write about the “every day” stuff. I would also write about memories I have that linger somewhere in my brain. I would write stories, try a poem (soon, I hope!), and try to be funny once in a while…..every day! To do this I needed to get all those snippets of memories written down. I looked at the table by my bed and there you were….just waiting to be rediscovered. What a great friend you are – to wait for me until I was ready to understand your importance. 🙂


12 thoughts on “To My Writer’s Notebook:

  1. I could have written this exact post last year when i “entered” this challenge! NOW, however, I confess to jotting notes on my phone….evernote…don’t laugh till you try it….It means I do not forget those special moments – as much!

  2. When you need it, you use it. Glad you found how it can help you. I tend to use the camera of my phone more than the notebook I carry. Everyone has their own way.

  3. I have learned to count everything I write on and in as my writer’s notebook, even though I do carry mine around in my bag everyplace. This counts as writer’s notebook time by the way.

    So will the shopping list.

  4. Ralph says:
    “Keeping a notebook may be the single best way to survive as a writer. It encourages a greater sensitivity to your world, inside and out. It serves as a haven for new ideas until they are strong and mature enough to face the harsh light of rational judgment. It gives you a quiet place to catch your breath and begin writing.”
    You and I are learning how to keep our notebook!

  5. I can so relate. I have started so many notebooks only to fizzle after a week or so. Nice to know there is hope to become a habit. 🙂

  6. Notebooks – I have many some partially filled – phrases lines going every which way. I especially love when I find them again. I like the ones best that I actually wrote mor than a few times in. Yes I love notebooks.

    You captured the longing as well as the joy.

  7. Well said…I totally agree with you. With writing I’ve always felt I’ve had to look for the biggest places I’ve been (somewhere like the Grand Canyon), places that look good in pictures. Places or things I thought other people might have more interest in reading about. But you are right, those pictures or thoughts of those places are pretty, but they aren’t the ones that inspire you to feel deep down inside like the everyday things and people around you. With this challenge, I am finding those ‘everyday’ ideas keep coming up in my writer’s notebook.

  8. I remember carrying around a writer’s notebook because Don Graves did. it saw very little action until I started meeting with a group of other writers. I put my heart into it then – took risks, even fancied writing a book of my own one day. Writers need an audience. That’s what you’re doing for each other here. You start to get some momentum and before you know it….

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