Slices of Life

I was thinking this morning in the shower (I have the best thoughts and ideas in there!) about “life”.  From there my mind said, “Slice of Life”.  And, from there it said, “Slices of Life”.  Everything I’ve been writing about for 10 days – are all slices of my life.  It makes so much sense.  It’s putting my life into such interesting compartments. 

Childhood memories – some with my mom and dad, most just with my mom.  Sunday afternoons at the public library with my dad.  Sitting in the living room with him while he drank his martinis and watched football.  I didn’t know until I was older that all dad’s didn’t have the smell of gin on their breath.  With my mom – laying out in the sun on our back porch. Getting a new dog.  Putting our dogs down.  Lots of pet memories associated with my mom.

School memories – kind of vague threads.  Nothing really great, nothing really horrible.  Some OK teachers….more than a few not-so-great.  My dad died on Dec. 28 when I was in 7th grade – over Christmas break.  When I returned to school I remember my Social Studies teacher saying to me, “You’re father didn’t die.”  Weird, huh?  Why would a teacher say that to a 12 year old girl (whose father just died!)?  Then there was Mrs. West, in 6th grade, who told a young, curious Carrie, “you ask too many questions!”  Again, why would a teacher say that???  I guess I have her to thank for my constant need to know – she only made it stronger!  High School wasn’t my favorite place.  When I went to my 10 year class reunion I was asked, adamantly by many of my classmates, “Are you sure you attended our high school???”  Wow.  What a blow to the ego.  I still have fond memories of spending time during those four years with my best friend, Lisa.  We went everywhere together.  Sitting out on the driveway on summer nights.  Swimming, running, riding bikes, skipping school, driving in her parents’ fancy Mercedes to parties in the neighborhood.

Life as an adult.  Like a whole new chapter.  Friends that I can count on. We’ve been through alot together. Family that evolves and changes over the years. Kids that grow up, mother who grows old. Career, that with each new move, remains as rewarding as ever. I never thought so carefully and thoroughly about all of my “slices of life”. I hope they keep coming! 



11 thoughts on “Slices of Life

  1. Great to read a little peek of those slices too. Isn’t it terrific to have all those ‘captured’ in your mind’s eye as well as published on your blog? Thank you for reflecting on the beginnings of the challenge!

  2. it’s a different perspective to go through life as a “writer” as you are always thinking about life through a “writerly lens.” I must talk about it a little too much – and spend a little too much time at the computer – as my husband is now saying, “take a picture of this,” or, “you could write about that,” as we go through the day!

  3. I hope you wrote all these down in your notebook, Carrie! I love what aruddteacher100 said above: I noticed more about myself as I started slicing. I feel that way, too.

    I read and then reread the line ” didn’t know until I was older that all dad’s didn’t have the smell of gin on their breath.” It really struck me. It’s sad, in a really profound way. I think it was really brave and honest of you to write it, too. I’ve been toying around with writing about my dad…maybe not here, for this challenge, but you’re nudging me to do it with this piece. 🙂

  4. Carrie, I enjoyed this post and was particularly struck by what was said to you by your teachers. Very interesting. I think you just inspired me to write about a slife in my life involving something that a teacher said to me once. It is so completely different from what was said to you but it stayed with me just as those teachers’ comments stayed with you. So, thanks for the idea 🙂

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