A Glutton for Punishment?

March #SOL16 Day 26

sol[1]We are having a good deal of our condo repainted.  We have lived here for 10 years and it’s time for a makeover.  Our high rise was new construction when we first moved in so we had an blank canvas to create whatever our hearts desired.  The outside of the building has vertical and horizontal red stripes painted every 6 floors, or so. We thought it would be a cool reflection of the overall structure to have our living room also painted red.  It was cool once, but now we’re tired of it.  Time for a fresh can of paint.

Wipe away the tired and the old

Brush on the fresh and the new

The only problem is that we just had every inch of our flooring replaced a short 9 months ago. It was not by choice.  We had a leak in the kitchen sink that spilled over onto the floor. A very expensive cherry hardwood floor.

I wonder.  Am I a glutton for punishment because I am doing this again?  Pushing all of our furniture to the middle of each room.  Rolling up carpets that are so heavy they feel like they could have a dead body in them.  Cleaning  and re-cleaning because with all this pushing and moving comes lint.  Lots of lint.

We went to bed last night exhausted and sore from all the work.  Muscles aching in places I didn’t even know had muscles.  Furniture moved back to its place knowing full well that new rooms needed to be tackled this weekend.

As I reluctantly opened my eyes to a new day this morning I witnessed the new colors of our condo dancing in the reflection of the sunlight streaming in.  The richness of “Dapper Tan” that replaced the red in the living room is striking.  In the foyer, where the light stretches to reach the edges, “Hubbard Squash” brightens everything up in just the right way.  The entry way to every room has a newly painted door.  From a stark white to “Wickerwork.”  The white baseboards have also been transformed by “Wickerwork.” The hues are fresh and warm and they complement the colors already in place in a magnificent and surprising way.

Yes, I say to myself smiling and fully awake,  now I remember why we did this again.  Bring on the rest of those rooms!









10 thoughts on “A Glutton for Punishment?

  1. When things start to get stale, there’s nothing better than a fresh coat of paint! “Dapper Tan,” “Wickerwork”…what fun names for paint colors! I’m glad that all that heavy moving and the sore muscles were worth it!

  2. “Where the light stretches to reach the corners”…Hubbard Squash was waiting to brighten everything. Personification. It’s as if the room was putting on a show for you with its new colors!

  3. Having just survived a huge remodel myself, I can attest that it is totally worth it. I absolutely loved how you included the paint names here. I don’t know why, but it really kind of personalized the Slice for me in a way.

    Whenever I look at my new kitchen countertops, all of the terrible memories of the remodel wash away….

  4. I can’t believe you have been in the condo that long already. Time flies. The new look will be well worth it. My body ached for you too reading your slice.

  5. I start with good intentions. I don’t posess the fortitude to follow through. Good luck on finishing and enjoying the fruits of your labor. 🙂

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