Guacamole Memories

March #SOL16 Day 27

sol[1]Yesterday we were at Mariano’s.  This place is a mega store that is packed with more food items than any one person could ever use.  Except this weekend.  Easter is coming, so we all need more than we usually buy at the grocery store on the eve of a holiday.

One of the things I happened upon as I was making way through this colossal retailer was a make-it-on-the-spot guacamole station. Made to taste.  Want it spicy?  Ask for cilantro. Want it mild?   Tomatoes and onions will make it perfect. I promptly ordered my jar of salty, yummy goodness.

As I watched the girl whip up my tub of guac I was taken back to when I was a pre-teen girl.  My parents were divorced, and as a result, there were many dinners out at restaurants in the city with my dad.  My sister and I took the train to Chicago to visit my him on most weekends.

Eating out with my dad afforded me many opportunities to try a variety of  new foods as a youngster and one of them was guacamole.  I didn’t want to try it, but as soon as I did I was a fan for life.  I felt so grown up and special with my dad I would have tried anything he suggested.

This trip down guacamole lane reminded me of some other things I learned while dining out with my dad.  He guided me in all things related to table manners.  Everything from which silverware to use when, to how to sit properly at the table (elbows OFF the table), to how to cut my steak (NEVER saw the meat), to how to order my meal.

While those were all very important things that I have kept with me for my whole life,  the most significant moment that changed me forever at one of my dinners with my dad was when I learned just how much he loved me. I vividly remember sitting at a fancy (to me) restaurant with him, just the two of us (no big sister in sight), when he looked me in the eye and said what a beautiful young lady I was growing up to be.  I can’t imagine a stronger, more vital message coming from a father to his young, impressionable daughter. I took this with me through every train ride, through every holiday that was split between mom and dad, through his tragic death.  It was his love for me that got me through it all.


9 thoughts on “Guacamole Memories

  1. “While those were all very important things that I have kept with me for my whole life, the most significant moment that changed me forever at one of my dinners with my dad was when I learned just how much he loved me” Oh Carrie, I smile, I cry, I feel……simply beautiful. I wanted to write about my dad today, but haven’t yet found the words……thank you for sharing your memories……

  2. Thank you for sharing your memories of your dad! I am a child of divorce too, but I never really got to know my dad before he past away. What memories I do have are precious!

  3. Your dad sounds like a very special man that taught you many lessons that continue to carry you through your life. I am sure he is still with you today guiding and watching just as proud.

  4. YOu have some great memories of time spent with your dad. I am sure you have passed on some of his wisdom to you nieces too. Amazing how things adults do and say stary with us forever!!!

  5. This may be my new favorite thing you’ve written. No, my favorite will remain the one about your mom in her pink nightgown, but this is a close second. I love the way you wrote it – I love the gentle way you slid into a ‘flashback’ of sorts; I forgot we were standing in line waiting for guacamole. I love how you called it a ‘trip down guacamole lane.’ It made me smile, even though I had a feeling where we were headed was serious.

    More than the writing though, I love the message of the last paragraph. It made me cry because it seems so simple, doesn’t it? Such simple words that had such an impact on you. But the thing is – he didn’t have to say them. His choice to say them is what mattered.

    And when I think of my own childhood and my missing dad… my mom filled his space in so many ways. But this.. this is what was missing. And it really, really matters.

    I’m so thankful my girls will have this.

    That’s all. 🙂

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