Eyes Open

March #SOL16 Day 14


Eyes open

It’s still dark

How many days will I make excuses?

I forgot to prepare.  Find clothes.  Charge iPod.

See.  There I go again.

When will Day One be?  Shouldn’t it be today?

Maybe the first day of the time change isn’t great for Day One.

Again with the many reason why not.

I don’t foresee this getting any easier.

I can do this.

Eyes open.





9 thoughts on “Eyes Open

  1. Oh….do I feel your pain! Except I’m waiting to start my Day One in the afternoon, but my excuses pile up just as quickly! Great format…I could feel your resistance. You’ll get there one day!!! Great slice!

  2. UGH Day One…..I’ve planned many in my head before I fall asleep. It seems so much easier then. I’ll start my Day One when the weather gets nicer…. 😉

  3. I envy those who can get up in the darkest hours of morning to get the dreaded exercise out of the way…one day I will again be one of those people! Day 1 is always the hardest….I love the concise lines…I could feel your “pain” in each one.

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