Bucket Filling

March #SOL16 Day 10


I see him walking down the street after school.

That tuft of red hair stands out from a mile away.

“Hey, how’s it going?”, I ask, barely getting my window rolled all the way down.

He turns and moves toward my car quickly, taking out his ear buds.

“Good.  I’m going over to my friend’s house.  I miss you.”

This kid.  He always knows just what to say to get right to my heart.

“Well, I’ve missed you, too.  I heard that things went well with you on Monday.”

“How did you hear that?” he looks perplexed.

“I asked Mrs. Hamilton.  I always ask about you.  I want to know how you are even when you’re not seeing me – I think about you.”

He grins.

I see a knowing in his eyes.  He believes that I really do mean what I say.  I know he’s not used to that with many of the adults in his life.

I reach out my  hand to touch his.

“Have fun and stay out of trouble.”

He reaches back.


I filled his bucket.  As difficult and angry as this kid can be, that was one of the simplest five minute interactions of my entire day.

My bucket is filled also.



9 thoughts on “Bucket Filling

  1. Oh Carrie, that is simply the best feeling in the world? .Filling buckets that are nearly empty and feeling our own overflow? I’ve seen you do this many, many times. I can still see their faces……….

  2. This piece took me through quite an emotional journey today. I was so happy knowing you love that kid to death, would do anything for him, treating him like he’s nearly your own and you were able to see him outside of school. It’s fun to see them out of school. “I asked Mrs. Hamilton. I always ask about you. I want to know how you are even when you’re not seeing me – I think about you.” You are such a positive influence. How he must have felt so good about himself after he saw you. Then I felt sad because of his situation. I wish we could save them all! Powerful piece!

  3. You are forever a part of that child’s life. He’ll read because of you, he’ll be gentle because of you, he’ll trust himself because of you, he’ll be stronger because of you..

  4. I love this post. It’s pretty amazing how moments like this have such a big impact – I have no doubt he’ll remember this conversation. Chatting with a teacher by their car, being noticed and appreciated at a random time. That is a good moment that stays with you I think.

  5. Carrie, I love that you do this! I make a point of filling the bucket of a little guy at my school too. I see him sitting alone in the cafeteria every day. He’s an angry little boy. After I drop my own class off I walk over and sit down next to him. I try to make conversation. He never looks at me but he will answer my questions. He is not my student but I want him to feel cared for. It fills my bucket too.

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