One More

March #SOL16 Day 12


A light is out.

One less positive force to tip the scales for the side of good

One less person in the world who loves children

One less bright shining face

One less sister

One less daughter

One less wife

One less friend

One less teacher

One less anchor

One more angel



12 thoughts on “One More

  1. This is so beautiful. Such a powerful impact with the subtle simplicity, and concise description of your loved one. A somber tone, with undertones of reverent gratitude and admiration. Then the build from, “A light is out,” to, “One more angel.” … be still my heart. That made me take a breath. And her light does still shine, through your words. I feel it so strongly.

  2. I got to the end with a pit in my stomach…thinking about how a loss feels that we’re left with less. The addition of “one more angel” helps to soften the weight of the pain. This is breathtakingly beautiful, Carrie!

  3. I feel your sorrow and loss in a beautiful tribute. She must have been special. Know what? I think you carry her light now . . .

  4. I’ve read this several times now, each time your words touch me more and more. Your words let us know through all the pain it’s okay because there’s “one more angel.” Beautifully written!

  5. That first line, the choice to place a pause, a stop to life. It’s like the end, but as I read on to the last line, I see there is a new beginning. Life is not ending, but rather continuing to something even greater. Thinking of you and those who an angel has touched.

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