March Madness Continues

Check out more slices at Two Writing Teachers
Check out more slices at Two Writing Teachers

SOL #21

I hear we’re at the point in this madness where we fill out our “brackets”.  I saw this on T.V. today.   “What does that mean”, I wondered to myself?  I had to ask one of the men I work with.  He didn’t go into great detail (he’s a man!) so I can’t really say I understand it any better.

I got up earlier than usual today, saw the bit about March Madness on the news and decided to add to my morning routine an e-mail to Adam.  I asked him, “What does it mean that it’s time for brackets in the NCAA?”  I added, “I need it for my slice today because I heard March 21st is a significant day and I started my slicing at the beginning of the month about March Madness and so I really need to know.”

I saw Adam later in the day and he asked, “Did you get my reply to your….weird question?”  I replied in the affirmative.  And, I asked him to please give a more in depth answer.  What he said next confused me even more.  He said, “the brackets started officially today, but there’s already been 4 games played.”  “What???” I exclaimed!  “How is this day official if there’s already been some games played?”  He replied, “Well, the teams that have played already aren’t very good.”  Wow.  These teams were thought so little of that they competed before the actual tournament started.  “How sad”, I thought.  This is inspiration for a future slice, for sure!


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