Spilling Stories

#SOL20 – Day 1


I’m waaaaayyyyy too busy, she said dramatically

As if no one in the world was ever as busy as she.

I’m just not going to be able to do it this year, she said sternly

As if no one in the world had to turn anything down in their life.

Prepare yourself, I will only be able to do it once in a while, NOT EVERY DAY, she said emphatically

As if no one in the world had ever committed to less than 100% and lived to tell the tale.

This slow erosion from never, not ever, to ok, maybe, just once in a while happened like waves erasing the beach.

And then this came

“Are we slicing this year?”

And then that came

“I look forward to March every year. I can’t wait to spill my stories.”

And then miles of the beach were just gone.

And she started to think…

Hey- I bet I could start my story like Mitch Albom did – plopping my reader right in the middle of the main character’s life. And….I wonder if I could connect my characters like Lisa Unger so carefully weaved each chapter in and out between Rain and her childhood friend Hank. Then…Maybe I could write with the blunt, in-your-face beauty of Jennifer Clement in that book that I couldn’t put down last summer.

And there she was once again, at this very familiar and happy place…. anxiously awaiting the first day of March.

Ready to spill her stories.

3 thoughts on “Spilling Stories

  1. Ha ha These feelings are so familiar to me. Love the way you expressed them. Can’t wait to read all the spilling stories.

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