Comment Love

#SOL18 Day Thirty-One


Something magical happens in the month of March.  Stories begin to pour out of me like water.  In the days leading up to March 1st, my brain is firing on all cylinders.  Memories, ideas, connections, and small moments in my life start bubbling up.

Once we start the process of writing and sharing of our innermost feelings another quite magical thing happens. People respond.  This special community of writers also becomes our audience.  This is so amazing.  The feeling of validation – of being heard – and understood – is exhilarating.

One of the comments that I received this month was from a fellow blogger; Persistenceandpedagogy.  You can check out her slices from this month right here.  “Persistence” talked about a book she read recently and mentioned that she felt she could have seen my slice in this particular book.  I.  Was.  Floored.

I couldn’t wait to run to my Kindle store to check out this book.  Textbook, by Amy Krouse Rosenthal, is a sweet and funny compilation of stories that are packed with various life lessons and messages.  It’s beautiful.  Amy passed away last year, in March, in Chicago, my hometown and she was only 51 years old.  She was a really special person who wrote many insightful, witty, and poignant books.

I am forever grateful to “Persistence” for teaching me a little something in the process of giving feedback on my slice.  And to all of you who have provided comment love this month – my bucket is filled.  My belief in myself as a writer grew exponentially from the 1st through the 30th.  I understand the process of writing when I participate in this challenge more than I do any other time of year.  This translates to great work with our students.  My wish is that we can find ways to fill each other up, much like we do during this March challenge, every single day of the year.  It feels so good.sunset-hands-love-woman.jpg




8 thoughts on “Comment Love

  1. This was my first time participating and the comments from other slicers is what built my confidence and kept me going. Thanks for sharing all your wonderful stories and for your encouraging comments.

  2. Your post makes me feel all gushy and sentimental about this year’s challenge. There were so many generous comments and thoughtful posts. I think I need to go back and continue to revisit all the people who commented on my post and find out how to continue the connection.

  3. What a beautiful post! (I have also received some amazing comments from Amanda at Persistence and Pedagogy!) (And having your slice compared to Amy Krouse Rosenthal is a big compliment! I like Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life even more than Textbook, I think. Maybe. Both so good!). I appreciate the writing challenge and what I learn about teaching writing this month for sure, but it’s the community that keeps me coming back.

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