She Is a Writer

March #SOLC17 Day 31


I was inspired by Stacey Shubitz’s slice from yesterday; March 30, 2017.  She did a wordless slice with some beautiful pictures of her and her son.  I decided to take a picture, one picture that would represent something special in my life….but I just had to add to words to go with the picture.

Kathy writing

She is a writer.  Kathy; AKA  I am incredibly proud of her.  She committed to writing every single day of the SOL month-long challenge.  There was trepidation.  There were the worries of I don’t have enough time and what will I write about? She worked hard to overcome those concerns.  One was much more real than the other.  Not enough hours in the day.  But she made it through.  She touched her fingers to the keys and she wrote.  I’m not sure that truly really enjoyed it, but she stuck with it and she shared some incredible stories nonetheless. She started out as a reader and an admirer in past years….and then dipped her toes in the water and began to “touch the keys.”  I never doubted her.

She is a writer.  Although her own personal story is quite compelling, she chose to write about others.  Vinnie, our server from City Winery, Roberta, the cafeteria worker from the University of Chicago, Julia, our salesperson from Nordstrom, her grandmother, her friends and her beloved surgeon; Dr. Jaskowiak.  Looking back, it turned out exactly as I should have expected. Kathy never puts the focus on herself.

Now we have come to the end of the month.  Selfishly I find this challenge was even more enjoyable with the two of us writing together.  We talked slices over breakfast or while shopping.  Trying hard to read others’ blogs for inspiration and to be part of the community. We sat down each evening to read aloud, edit and publish.  The picture at the top of my slice is what I saw most nights; a commitment to exercising that writing muscle each and every day.

Congratulations to my friend Kathy @…..You are a writer.















6 thoughts on “She Is a Writer

  1. What a lovely tribute to your friend! I am sure she would say the same about you. And how lovely to actually work together, edit together… I was also moved by your describing her writing as usually about others, not herself.
    Did you learn things about each other this month?

  2. That’s fantastic. I should have known it was your friend Kathy. She is an excellent writer. I read most of her slices this month and thought she had such a perfect arc to storytelling. I hope she sticks with it. Way to work that good peer pressure muscle.

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