I Told You So, But I Didn’t Tell You I Told You So

March #SOLC17 Day 21


Yesterday morning I was in a fog.  A Monday morning, rainy day kind of fog. I went to bed too late Sunday night and so it was difficult to wake up.  The rain, thunder, and lightning that began around 2:00 a.m. was intent on keeping me under my covers.  Cozy and warm.

But, alas, my phone’s alarm played a soothing wake up song right on cue…..once, twice, three times. Snooze, snooze, and snooze.  This kind of behavior is what sets the path for running behind the rest of the day.

I moved quickly, figuring I could make up the time.  I showered, dressed, applied makeup, filled my water bottle, ran a few things down to the trash shoot and headed to the 5th floor where my car awaited.  I parked in one of our closer spots the day before because we made a trip to the grocery store and had lots of bags, otherwise, the 4th floor would’ve been my destination.  This can get confusing sometimes – remembering on which floor to choose when getting on the elevator.  Our spot on the 5th floor is one of two and I always try to get as close to the wall as I can, leaving the car next to me lots of space.  Whenever I do that my friend Kathy says, “be careful!  It looks like you’re going to hit the wall when you pull out!” I usually blow her off, saying “Nah! I park here a lot, I know what I’m doing!  I’m a pro!”

Well, on this rainy, foggy Monday I guess I didn’t know what I was doing.  I guess all those times I’ve pulled out of that spot were no match for my falling-behind-hit-snooze-three-times-kind-of-day.  I was in a hurry, remember?!?!? All I heard was metal sliding across concrete

Later that day, when I told Kathy about what had happened, she didn’t utter the words once, not even under her breath.

I told you so” may have been on her mind but it was never on her lips.

For that I was grateful.


9 thoughts on “I Told You So, But I Didn’t Tell You I Told You So

  1. Well sliced! What a friend! I don’t know if I would have been as good a friend. I should work on that! I am sorry for your car, and you… but you really need to get to bed earlier and no more snooze button… see? I can’t do it. Sigh. I told you so.

  2. OH NO! I hate days like that! I always say the ‘parking gods’ are with me when i get a good parking space, so I guess they were definitely snoozing as well.

  3. I’m sure she was dying to say it. I love your last line. I’m also impressed that you can remember where you park. I am always walking out the wrong door at a school because I don’t remember where my car is. 🙂

  4. Uuughkk. Nails on a chalkboard. That scratch had to be a rough way to start your week. I’m sorry to hear. This morning I had a few chance encounters of near accidents in my own car actually. Your post is yet another reminder to slow down and be more observant of where I’m going. Often when we’re in the rush zone, careless confidence or hastiness can cost us. Good on you to see the silver lining, re Kathy’s warning. Good on her to be kind enough to refrain from pressing the point. But, sorry about the car. Lesson learned?

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