March #SOLC17 Day 18


When it comes together like this it feels

like a fine tuned machine that

never needed lubricating.

It is a team of people talking, sharing, and exploring with such honesty that

it almost feels intimate.

Fear of failure is often

the prevailing emotion.

The place from which this fear emanates, however, is

the desire to do right by our students.

Slowly but surely, beliefs are forming and

are made public.

Action steps are developed both in tandem, as well as individually that

will guide us as we move forward.

Feeling a bit off center, some still not exactly sure how things will look, but

all still trusting that

our values and principles will light the way.

Supportive and caring professionals move out into the world with

confidence, knowing that

they have established a foundation for inquiry in the classroom and

believing this will set the stage for

exciting, engaging, and joyful learning experiences for

all of our students.


7 thoughts on “Ready

  1. A good poem that clearly conveys the good and bad about team meetings. They can be so productive and I like that you talked about the trust that everyone needs to have. That is so important.

  2. I had a very opposite experience that I wrote about today. There was no dialogue or mutual respect. I thought all of your poem was positive. We don’t have to agree on everything to have an honest and curious dialogue.

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