Wintry Hands Wrapping Around

March #SOLC17 Day 15


“It didn’t take long for the snowy weather to wrap its wintery hands around the morning commute”, said the traffic lady on the evening news.  Yep – the traffic lady said that!

Has the traffic lady always tossed out statements as lovely as this, or am I just now noticing such language?  I quickly went to the WordPress app on my phone and typed it down.  The imagery.  The personification.  The metaphoric beauty.  I am picturing the snowy weather as this tall, caring “person” with very large, white tendrils tenderly reaching down – wrapping those aptly described hands – around the commuters that morning, guiding them to work or to school.

As I re-read Roz Varon’s comment, I am combining the image with what I already know happened on that dreadful morning.  The snowy weather is not so gentle anymore.   Now it is this giant person with enormous, icy, frigid claws angrily causing havoc on the commuters below.  Cars are sliding all over, multiple accidents here and there, drifting off the road, crashing into one another!  Those wintry hands are actually stone cold, icy and evil.   There was nothing gentle about that morning.  Those wintry hands dealt the morning commuters a devastating blow that will not soon be forgotten!




5 thoughts on “Wintry Hands Wrapping Around

  1. “stone cold icy and evil.” That phrase just resonates with me this morning! True and spot on! I love it, I do not love the havoc that is created for all my commuting friends though.

  2. Oh my gosh, I love that phrase. And I’m delighted at how you turned it into the demon that it is! Damn you, cold weather, be gone!

    This is a perfect mentor text for personification.

  3. Love the contrasting views in this piece. Such descriptive word choices allowed me to create the 2 different “scenes” in my mind. “…enormous, icy, frigid claws angrily causing havoc…”what a picture it paints for me. Your ability to string the descriptors together perfectly is amazing!

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