There’s Always Tomorrow

March #SOLC17 Day 13


I bought my mom a new couch about a month ago.  The previous one was not that old, but many of the springs were already broken.  Once the new couch was purchased it was clear that a new side table was needed because the current side table was sitting too low.  The lamp was unreachable. The glass of water too hard to grab.

The box that contained the new table sat in our extra bedroom for a whole week.  We spent those seven days walking around and avoiding the pieces of table all wrapped up in cardboard.  It was finally the weekend when we approached the large, brown carton and decided to see what construction of this table was all about.  Large pieces were pulled from the package along with some smaller ones that needed to “fit carefully inside.”  Hardware was then revealed; eight screws, eight flat washers, eight clip washers and a tiny little wrench to make everything nice and tight.

We looked at each other.  There’s always tomorrow, we simultaneously thought.  We can dodge this 8 x 3 beast for at least one more day.






14 thoughts on “There’s Always Tomorrow

  1. I love how you referred to it as “dodging the beast.” Why do so many things come in small boxes and need to be put together? I am not a carpenter by trade. “Some assembly required” are words that mean “do not buy” to me.

  2. Too funny. You built this up for a happy ending for me, only to leave me thinking, “Put the damn thing together already!” LOL! I could just see the wheels spinning in both of your heads and coming to the same conclusion simultaneously. Haha!

  3. Thanks for sharing. Those things seem to take up more of our mental time thinking about them than are physical time. Just figure it will take 4 hours and then when it only takes 30 min you will be happy.

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