My Head is Pounding

March #SOLC17 Day 11


My head is pounding.  In my skull.  Almost always on the left side.

I move from the right to the left.  The pressure alleviates the throbbing.

My head is pounding.  In my eyes.  Deep inside where it is dark.

I press my fingers into the sockets.  The ache is temporarily relieved.

My head is pounding.  Down through my neck.  I sit up in bed and stretch, turning in all directions.

Crack.  Pop.  Snap.  My head and neck are unhinged.  The bulb and the stem; they are a bit looser now.

My head is pounding.   The problem is in my breathing.  I inhale deeply.  Slowly.  Exhale the same way.

My lungs are filling up.  New and fresh air circulates through all the vital parts of my head, mind, and brain.

My head is pounding less.  The space that my skull inhabits is calmer.  The pain has subsided.  Wellness now has a fighting chance.

Sleep is possible.  The final act that will bring peace from my pounding head.




12 thoughts on “My Head is Pounding

  1. This resonates. I am in Florida and the allergies I don’t usually have until June are surfacing and Im coughing like a fool. I hope your sleep cures your ills.

  2. My allergy-afflicted, asthma-suffering, bronchitis-bearing son most definitely feels your pain this morning! Those headaches are the worst.

    I hope sleep does you a world of good!

  3. Your writing is amazingly descriptive- I can feel your pain through your words. I hope you were able to get rest!

  4. “The space that my skull inhabits” – like we take it for granted when we’re well and don’t even notice it (or at least that’s what it made me think). Very interesting and hope you’re better.

  5. This piece…I feel like you have just described my head for the last two weeks! I blame sinuses and the weather (and boy oh boy do I hope they improve quickly!)! I hope you were able to get some much needed rest and feel better!

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