This Moment

March #SOL Day 6


It’s that moment where it feels too early to get up but too late to fall back to sleep. Still dark with just the tiniest hint of daylight and the promise of more to come.

So, I fiddle around with my phone.

I check email messages.

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. My niece set a new profile picture.  She is so beautiful; both inside and out. My sister and her dogs. More politics. Articles to save for later.

I check my WordPress Reader. What is my writing community up to on this sixth day?  I look for inspiration. It fills me up.

So many stories. Row after row. I put the phone to my side and close my eyes, but not before I set my tiny alarm. 30 more minutes. That’s all I need.

Darkness remains outside my window. The busy road below filling with cars, trucks and buses.  The day has already begun for so many, in the haze between night and day.  My mind won’t stop. Words begin. Pictures reveal themselves.  Sentences start and then stop and then start up again.

Sentences begin to take shape. I see it. I will write about now. This moment.  And! This Moment – yes, that will be my title. I type slowly and carefully on the miniature keyboard of my phone. In the dark that is just a bit more light than it was 30 minutes ago.

Soft music begins to play from my phone. Snooze is not an option. Time to get up. Time to publish.


11 thoughts on “This Moment

  1. You brought me into your moment! I love that early morning time between sleeping and waking. I think that is when creative juices flow. And I am in awe that you could type this on your phone.

  2. Great descriptive writing here, Carrie. I think you brought us all right there with you in those first waking moments. Now, granted, most of us would have rolled over and went right back to sleep rather composing a blog post…. but we were with you all the same.

    This is a true Slice of your day – the tiniest moment, captured in writing.

  3. One of my favorite times a day, especially when it comes to writing….you shared this moment so well that I felt it was me writing it. 🙂

  4. Carrie, that is impressive. A beautiful moment captured. You put pictures in our minds and inspiration in our hearts and our hands. I’m sure now I’m thinking that maybe a tiny keyboard post just might be something I can do too. Thanks for sharing.

  5. You are master blog poster! I love the line, “The day has already begun for so many, in the haze between night and day.” I feel that same way, even at 4:30 A.M. However, I think that I am the one in the haze at that hour.

  6. The paragraph that begins….”Darkness remains outside my window…” is a Slice in and of itself. I read it over three times. The road awakens, the day awakens, and your mind is already writing. I felt it all as I read.

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