It Falls in the Hands of the Storytellers

March #SOL17 Day 1


We hear things.

We see things.

We notice things.

I heard an interview between Dan Rather and Benicio Del Toro this past weekend that made me say those words out loud, over and over.  Benicio was talking about his career as an actor and recalling when he spoke to a group of Latino college students in L.A.  He implored them to write their experience; to tell their story as if it were about the Queen of England, with that much pride and with that much ego.  He wanted them to really care about their stories and to put themselves out there.

I stopped rinsing the breakfast dishes and I stood in the kitchen, dead in my tracks as I heard this.  I sat down and re-wound the exchange between the two men so that I could hear these words once, twice, three times. I wrote them down.  Benicio; you are speaking my language, I whispered to myself.

What is my story?  Is it interesting?  Is it worth telling?  Why do we bother?

I do have a story.  It may not be interesting, but it is important and worth telling.

We bother so that we don’t forget.

We bother so that others can hear and possibly relate.

We bother because our stories are all that we have.

Benicio ended the interview by saying  this to Dan….”It falls in the hands of the storytellers.”

Fellow Slice of Life writers; it’s time to tell our stories – it’s in our hands.

And, it is so worth it.



15 thoughts on “It Falls in the Hands of the Storytellers

  1. SO many stories to tell that are oh so important! I love those three lines… “We hear things. We see things. We notice things.” What an amazing mantra. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Oohhhh…I like this one! I particularly like when you say you do have a story and although it may no be interesting, it’s worth telling. Although you may not know this about me, I am ALWAYS talking. However, I sometimes wonder about the importance of what I am saying. It might not be always interesting, but you never know what one may take away from it. Good motivation for starting off the challenge.

  3. There is such an inspiring message between your words and the mentioned interview. I love the part about telling your story as if you’re the Queen of England. Why should you have to be the Queen of England for your story to be important? You shouldn’t, and you don’t have to be. Every story matters. Every story is important. It’s up to us to tell it. 🙂

  4. And that story you claim changes–it is more iterative than strictly linear. It does rest in our hands.

  5. This was just what I needed to read to kick off this month long Challenge. After reading this I feel inspired and ready to tell my own stories. Thank you!

  6. I am constantly urging my students to tell their stories, yet I often do not tell my own. I listen to that internal censor that says “no one cares about your stories”. Then I write my slices, and I realize that censor is wrong. People do care.

    Looking forward to reading more of your stories.

  7. “We bother because our stories are all that we have.” Wow! I have to pick myself back up from the floor. Your words ring truth and are so powerful. Taking something you’ve heard and connecting it to your life and making it go beyond…that’s a writer! Looking forward to March 🙂

  8. Hey hey hey 🙂 We certainly do. I’d like to say, “welcome back!” but I think you’ve been writing and posting throughout the year.. so I guess I’m welcoming myself back? But so nice to see you all on here again! Excited for the month ahead.

  9. I do this all the time. I chalk it up to being a podcast junkie and believing in what the meaning of stories well-told can do to the listener; Gain perspective, relate, question, inspire. Whatever it is, you’ve nailed it in your retelling here. You’ve given the art of storytelling the spin we all need for this here challenge and in turn done right by honoring another’s story. I like this first slice very much. 🙂

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