Picture This

March #SOL16 Day 24

sol[1]I love to take pictures.

I can hear my friend’s voice in my ear as I stop dead in my tracks to grab my phone and take a quick pic.  I can hear her say, don’t reach for your phone – just enjoy the moment!

But, I can’t.  I mean….I choose not to.

I enjoy scrolling through the many, many, many pictures I’ve taken.  They are a diary of sorts.  They mark various points in my life.  They make me happy.

I was on the treadmill the other morning.  While walking I vacillated between watching T.V. and appreciating the view outside my window.  Suddenly I noticed a huge, round, yellow moon just about to set in the western skyline.  I thought, should I get my phone?  No. Keep walking.  Just look and enjoy.  Argh!  I couldn’t bear it!  I jumped off and took a few good shots of that bulbous celestial body!  I felt better.

After completing my walk I hobbled (what?  It was a long walk!) out into my living room where I saw another beautiful sight.  The sun was rising.  I thought, how often will I see the moon set and the sun rise all within the span of 40 minutes?

I took a picture.


Moon SetSunrise2


14 thoughts on “Picture This

  1. Thank you for getting those snaps – what beautiful views! I’m a very visual person, so I’m like you and enjoy the picture. What a beautiful way to start your day! Great slice – I loved that descriptive line: bulbous celestial body!

  2. So often I think, “I should take a picture,” and I don’t…and I wish I had later. I like how you referred to it as a “diary of sorts.” It really is!! Keep on capturing!

  3. I am a visual person too. I believe it helps cement a moment into your memory when you can look back at a picture (especially for young children). I take those pictures , we print them, we look at them and talk about them and they remember them for years..if not forever. So you just keep on capturing those big & little moments for memory sake!

  4. I loved your wording of a diary of sorts, I could see your day to day pictures becoming a diary.
    I love pictures too, and I especially like to look back on old ones.
    Lots of fun memories!!!

  5. What a view! I was just thinking how magnificent the moon looked on Tuesday night and then I was driving through trees and couldn’t see it. I love the moon and I love the trees, but that night the object of my affection was the moon. Move out of the way trees!

  6. That is picturesque though. I’m glad you stopped to capture it. I have a friend like that too. She’s all ‘live in the moment’ and then asking me to send her copies of all my pics because she never takes any. To each their own, but our way is better because it’s visually re-livable. Brendan always says to me the great Albert Einstein quote “Paper is to write things down that we need to remember. Our brains are used to think.” That applies to all thing visual, educational and inspiring. I mean, honestly, Pinterest was invented by people like us.

  7. Think about this…if you hadn’t given in to your impulse to take the first picture of the moon, the second picture wouldn’t have had the same meaning for you, as beautiful as it is in and of itself. The opportunity to reflect on these two events, within a short period of time, would have been lost. Interesting! You’ve become an authentic photographer who doesn’t let any scene pass you by.

  8. I’m a little concerned with how early you wake up, to be honest.

    But aside from that, I really like this Slice. I love the unexpected ending – who would have thought you were going to see the sun moments later?? I love the humor – the part about the you hobbling made me chuckle. I love the intentional word choice – I mean, you could have said “beautiful moon” but instead you went with bulbous celestial body. That showed how much you were appreciating the sight. And finally, I love the message. You can be appreciative of the moment AND take a picture. You don’t have to choose.

    Whew. There was a lot to love here.

  9. I also enjoy capturing the moment! It’s nice to enjoy the moment, but when you capture it you have it forever! Tell that friend of yours that you were utilizing the “This is It” key. For you, making the most of the moment involves snapping a photo and saving it forever! Also, kudos to you for exercising so early in the morning! Can you send some of that motivation my way?

  10. Wow, I love your pictures and the enthusiastic description of how you got them. Passion is a wonderful thing…don’t squelch it!

  11. I love how you unapologetically explore your passion for memorializing the everyday moments in life. Keep at it!

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