The Music Man

March #SOL16 Day 23

sol[1]I was sitting in the family waiting area of the hospital while my friend’s husband was having surgery.  We had been sitting there for 8 hours already.  We were tired, hungry and anxious to hear from the Doctor.  We were thinking about getting some dinner which was located at the perimeter of the huge space.  The room was slowly, hour by hour, drained of its inhabitants.  It was 4:00 pm.  My friend and I were two of about four others sitting in the “sky lounge.”  And then, out of nowhere, I heard piano music coming from around the middle of the large room.

I couldn’t figure it out.  There were so few of us here.  Who was playing the piano?  I strained my neck to see.  And then I saw him.  A man who was clearly a patient.  The UCMC stamp on his gown and scrubs giving it away.   The mask he wore across his mouth indicated that his health may have been fragile.  And yet, there he sat, in the middle of this vast space gently and skillfully tickling the ivories.

This lovely man played his tunes for nearly an hour.  In the interim my friend was called by the Doctor, so it was mainly myself and this patient turned performer.  He was playing for himself, that was clear, but it also felt like he was giving me a personal concert.  It was strangely intimate. Suddenly this stark and sterile waiting room all at once became an orchestra hall and a cozy bar with melodies lifting the mood. This room where I had been sitting for nearly 9 hours was now warm and relaxed.  Music filled the air.   Just for me.






11 thoughts on “The Music Man

  1. What an awesome idea, a piano in a hospital waiting room! I love your descriptors throughout your slice! “Tickling the ivories” may have been my favorite!

  2. Hospital waiting rooms = instant anxiety. I think every waiting room should have a pianist to create this “warm and relaxed” atmosphere. Very cool.

  3. “He was playing for himself, that was clear, but it also felt like he was giving me a personal concert.” That is the beauty of the arts…..they touch and connect us all.

  4. No matter how grim or sterile or cold the environment, the human heart find its way to shine through. This man’s passion is beautiful. How comforting. How awesome. I’m so happy you were able to catch it, and share it.

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