An Angel

March #SOL16 Day 22


I have a friend that has a brother and he is something special.  Don’t get me wrong – my friend is also special – but this slice is about her brother.

I’ve been in the “helping” profession for my whole life.  I’ve known many people who give of themselves for others.  But, they’re in the profession.  It was what they’ve committed their whole lives to – that of helping others.  My friend’s brother?  This isn’t his job or his career.  No. He is just a regular guy who wants to help people because it makes him feel good.

I called him up two weeks ago asking if he could meet with one of my students.  To connect with him.  To talk with him about choices he’s made in his life and what he has learned. He didn’t hesitate to answer.  Yes.  He said yes.

I believe that we live among angels right here on earth.  People who are often times quiet and unassuming.  So much so that you just might walk past them not realizing who they are.  People who want to give back to others in a way to repay those who helped them. People who want nothing in return for the good they do for the world.

My friend’s brother is one of those angels.




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