A Day in the Life – Backwards

March #SOL16 Day 19


A format I tried out last year during the March SOL Challenge.  Giving it another try!

The end of my day on Thursday, March 17th…Went to bed feeling down.  Really sad.  😦

Before that…CRACK!  I heard that sound as I backed my car into a cement column in the parking garage in the city.  Man.  I didn’t see that coming at all.  I slowly crept out of my car to survey the damage.  I see a dent in the bumper and the plastic reflector light is hanging on for dear life.

Before that…Walked to the car after an enjoyable dinner with my friend, who is like my sister.  The walk was relaxed and easy.  People were hustling and bustling about without their coats. Possibly because it was fairly warm.  Possibly because they were drunk.  It was St. Patrick’s Day.

Before that…Enjoyed dinner and got to catch up with our friend who was also our server. She moonlights as an improv comedian.  She’s hilarious.  Her final words to us as we left; “You guys are good for my soul.”

Before that…Endured a very long meeting at the Board of Education office in the Thompson Center.  Lots of double talk.  Nothing getting accomplished.  Enough said.

Before that…Stopped at the local CVS to buy milk and a gift card.  The cashier asked who the lucky recipient was and I told her I was spoiling my niece for her birthday. She proceeded to share her story with me in the span of about 30 seconds.  In that short time I knew this was really important to her.  She said had always been closer to her dad and that her cousin was very close with her mother.  She said she had felt a little jealous, but was happy that there was someone for everyone, like I was there for my niece.  She was a great story teller.

Before that…Spent some time with my boy at one of our schools.  He didn’t come willingly.  Shuffled his feet.  Head down.  Very unhappy.  Conversing was very difficult. Then, we took a walk.  We got outside and felt the sun and cool breeze on our faces.  He said, “This feels like spring in Wisconsin.”  I suggested he write about that and he agreed it would be a great story.  His mood?  A total turnaround.  He opened up and shared his burden.  He learned at that moment that there are ways to make himself feel less angry other than hitting something.  It seemed like a break-through.

Before that...Drove through at McDonald’s for coffee.  The driver that ordered in the lane parallel to mine started to go and then signaled for me to take his place.  I paid for his order with mine.  He waved so enthusiastically in my direction.  He really appreciated the gesture.  I thought, this is going to be a great day.

Before that…Glanced out of the window while getting ready for work  to see one of the most beautiful sunrises I have ever seen.  I grabbed my phone and took pictures of the giant orange ball that lifted straight out of Lake Michigan.  I had such a feeling of awe throughout my whole being.

Before that…I opened my eyes and instantly felt good.



I am so grateful that this is what I get to see in the morning.




10 thoughts on “A Day in the Life – Backwards

  1. It sounds like the good out weighed the bad in this day. I love how this piece captured so many “moments” that you took the time to notice. The lady at CVS and all the other people that you “touched” that day.

  2. Absolutely love this format. Never tried it….may have to……So sorry for the end of your day….thank goodness for fresh, and beautiful beginnings….

  3. Beginning with the end that you had, I couldn’t imagine things might have been better at the start. But lo and behold, they were! A beautiful sunrise is the perfect way to begin every day. You took me right there with you in the morning.

  4. Even though you’re day seemed to get better as I read, I was disappointed when I finished reading this. Your day started out great and then ended so poorly. Hate when that happens 😦

  5. This is such a great format – how different tho from the start of your day to the end. At least you had a lovely meal with a friend and accomplished wome things. Hope the car gets fixed with not too much expense.

  6. Sorry about your fender bender, but otherwise, what a glorious day! So many great moments throughout and you captured them all in such rich detail. Love the idea of telling the day in reverse order.

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