Radar Ears

March #SOL16 Day 16

sol[1]I don’t have the chance to be in my office much these days.  I’m often in schools or away at meetings.  So, I really love those mornings when I am able to catch up on things…phone calls, paperwork (yuck) and emails.

I was fortunate to have that opportunity yesterday morning, although my co-workers in the outer office may not agree with me.  You see, I have an affliction that makes it hard for people to tell secrets whenever I am around.   The story started many years ago, when I was a mere 25 years old and working in my first school district.  It was there that I was officially saddled with the nickname; Radar Ears.  I feel as though I was harshly and quite unfairly tagged with this label since this condition is completely out of my control!

There I was in the school vault, minding my own business.  You know the place.  The vault is where all the important stuff of the school is stored; construction and xerox paper, post-its, staplers, etc.  While looking for a notepad I overheard one of our moms whispering something to the school secretary.  She said she didn’t want to talk too loudly because “Radar Ears Cahill might be lurking.”  What?!?!  With that I walked straight out of the vault and asked, “are you talking about me?”

The shock on her face is forever imprinted on my brain.  She was embarrassed, angry and didn’t know what to do with herself.  She walked away and avoided me like the plague from that point on.

As I sat at my desk yesterday morning I was chuckling to myself.  I hear everything that is said in the outer office.  It’s true.  But….I can’t help it!

Jacque to Kathy – “These crackers smell like fire.”

Me – “Hey!  Is something on fire out there?!”

Jacque to the ladies – “I hate it when I’m at a green light and within a millisecond the person behind me honks.”

Me – “I hate that toooooooooooooo!”

Kathy – “Hee hee, we forget how much she can hear!”  (she whispered)

Me – “I heard that!”

Laurie – Reading her slice for today to her co-workers

Me – MUSIC to my (radar) ears 🙂



13 thoughts on “Radar Ears

  1. This is too funny!! I am always thinking do others hear me when I am on the phone in my office, because my voice is so loud!!! Radar Ears, I would just say you are very observant and a good listener.

  2. Believe me, this label perfectly describes Carrie. Just try eating with her in a restaurant. Carrie has heard the conversations of everyone at every table around her! At times, OUR conversation at OUR table is interrupted because she feels the need to fill me in on the lives of those around us. I admit that I am oblivious to who else is in the restaurant and have no idea what they are saying. Carrie’s observational skills are admirable! I have always said that if a crime was committed in the restaurant where we were eating, Carrie would be able to provide key details describing the criminal and incident, what he/she muttered as they committed the crime, and what car they jumped into upon exiting. That criminal would be apprehended in no time flat!

  3. Ohh this is awesome! How do you ever get anything accomplished? I might have the same habit…but it is just because I’d rather focus on everyone else than my business! 🙂 I love how this Slicing Community broadcasts our personalities. I would have never know that about you! Dr. Radar Ears

  4. Radar Ears. Ha ha ha. That’s great (and accurate).

    Look at how much you fit in to this small Slice: a little set up for your reader, a story from your past, snippets of overheard conversation, and then a whammy at the end with “music to my ears” which is an unexpected nod to writers! This was a fun read!

  5. Oh this was a hoot! Especially the last snippets of dialog. I am the radar of my office, so I understand your conundrum well. I have to figure out how to make “I heard that!” as the push button catch phrase on my desk instead on :That was easy!”. It would spare me saying several times a week,

  6. OMG!! I can’t even imagine embarrassment that mom must have felt. Me, being incredibly familiar, with the radar ears in my family, ( dad, sister, and daughter) I find this quite an impressive ability, specifically since I’m usually completely oblivious to the world around me. LOL Your dialogue was great, especially your ending ,,,,,”MUSIC to my (radar) ears”

  7. I agree, how funny that mom’s face must have been! I feel the whole “radar ears” thing though when I am eating with a group. It’s like other conversations float my way and then invade my brain space. I want to push them away but there they stay! Thanks for a funny look at a familiar affliction!

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