The Short Stay

March #SOL16 Day Four


The starched shirts wrapped around the mannequin tell their story without words.

They stand so stiff, waiting for their people to retrieve them.

Who owns these shirts?  I ponder as I wait to retrieve my pile of laundry.

They are a heavenly  white.  I strain to see the embroidery.

Are they from a police officer?  Is that a church name, perhaps?

The workers move around these shirts quietly with a politeness that causes me to look closer

It’s as if the shirts calls out, “Respect us.  We are here…if only for a short time.”

They leave this place, get worn, ruffled, stained, bruised, dulled

They live life for awhile. Making the world a sunny and cheerful place for a time.

Then it’s back in the giant bag labeled “CD” and the whole scenario plays out once again.





7 thoughts on “The Short Stay

  1. Carrie-
    Your piece created a wonderful visual for me….
    It also reminded me of the time Ty stood next to mannequin’s in a store window display…LOL

  2. I love your personification in this piece. I feel like I could see the shirts talking when you said, “Respect us…” I could also see the workers shuffling so carefully around the shirts as the shirts were like delicate people themselves. I enjoyed that “moment” you captured and chose to write about.

  3. I love the voice you give to the shirts, “respect us”. The observations of wanting more of the story mirror your piece about NPR. It shows a wonderful “writerly” strategy.

  4. Whose shirts were they???

    The line about the workers moving around the shirts quietly was thought provoking for me. Do they know something special about the shirts??

    I’m curious if you ever would have A) noticed the shirts and B) thought so much about them before you became such an eloquent writer…

    1. I have no idea! I couldn’t get close enough to really see. I know the answer to A) – Never in a million years would I have noticed those shirts if I hadn’t been a Writer. Thanks for the compliment 🙂

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