An Uncertain Future

March #SOL16 Day Two



“i did good today i am really trying i really want to talk to you can you help me?”

What does it hold, this future of his?

For my boy who strings sentences together without giving a second thought to punctuation.  Who leaps before he looks.  Who has a heart the size of the Grand Canyon.

He’s got gifts.  Gifts that could change the world.  He is affectionately known around school as the Mayor of Central Park.

Will he choose to bestow them in the best way possible?

He cares so much.  More than most kids his age.  He loves his parents deeply, no matter how little they choose to be in his life.

Will his values shine through in his every day behavior?

He’s a pro at apologizing.  He will wrap his arms around you and give you the most heartfelt “I’m sorry” you have ever heard or felt from a boy his age.

Will he choose to avoid the situation that brought him there in the first place?

He’s so smart.  Intelligence that goes beyond books and tests.  He can take apart and  put back together a stapler in record time.

Will he choose to pay attention to the flashing signs that illuminate the fork in the road?

The time is now; taking each day for reflection, for figuring things out.

With guidance, love and time this uncertain future will no longer be ambiguous.  I know that I will do everything in my power to see to that.









13 thoughts on “An Uncertain Future

  1. Carrie, this is so beautiful! The writing is beautiful and I can see right through to the mom in you. Your love for your son comes through so strong. Sniff, sniff…it’s pulling at my own mom heart strings. Hang on to that boy tight!

  2. He will show the world his gifts because he has you recognizing those gifts and loving and supporting him. What a beautiful, heartfelt post. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Wow….I think that when he comes back as an adult who made it through his uncertainty, you should show him this….as a reminder to him that one person can (and has) make a difference!

  4. You have such a beautiful connection with the students throughout your district. They are lucky to have you (and you are lucky to have them!)

  5. You have captured in words the reason we do what we do. “With guidance, love and time this uncertain future will no longer be ambiguous. I know that I will do everything in my power to see to that.” It is that kind of love and commitment that make real changes in the world.

  6. This is beautiful and a testament to your dedication and sincere care for this student.

    “Will he choose to pay attention to the flashing signs that illuminate the fork in the road?” This is the line that hits me. Ultimately our kids have to face that fork and decide for themselves and we hope that we’ve built them up enough to know which way to go. We keep working and have faith that we have.

  7. I pray for his uncertain future. Like many that I see leave my room and turn the corner. Leaving primary… have I done enough. Can I keep tabs on them through Jr. High, through HS? Will they choose the path we have tried to show them…. So many teacher thoughts and worries. Its one of the reasons we keep coming back. You’re reflective writing shows your true dedication and is so thought provoking.

  8. There are students that I have had in the past that I often think about, and hope that I have made some positive impact in their lives. Sounds like you are doing just that for this child…

  9. He sounds like a pretty amazing little guy, so glad you are in each other’s lives. Your guidance now will be a part of him later when he gets to each little bump and fork in the road.

  10. I don’t know much about this boy, but it’s funny how one person’s positive (and beautiful) comments about another can make you look at someone in a whole new light.

  11. Its the caring adults in a child’s life that continue to shine the light on the bumps and forks in the road. Most importantly its the adults that choose to ride along through the entire journey that help make the difference. This has inspired me to write my next slice.

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