March #SOL16 Day One


We all have them.

Those we are aching to share.

Those we need to share.

Those we can’t bear to share.

These stories link us as human beings.

We relate.  We nod.  We smile.  We wonder.

We collectively wring our hands and sigh today, on Day One, as we sit at our computers, tablets, phones.  We are all pulling in the same direction.  Do you feel it?

The excitement and the nerves.  They are real.

Will we be able to pull it off….write every single day?

Will we be judged for what we choose to write about….for how we write?

No.  Not here.

Soon our fears will give way to a positive rush of emotions.

Soon our phones will ding and light up, signaling to us that someone has read our writing and they have something to say.

Affirmation.  Encouragement.  Kindness.

Propelling us to write again tomorrow.

Our stories will rise up and we will connect.

We will get to know one another in a way that could not happen without this process.

Our stories will be shared

We are Writers.

Welcome to March.





14 thoughts on “Stories

  1. Goosebumps! I am not going to lie….I was up super early today, ready to read and write and comment….this may be the most excited I have ever been to begin a writing challenge! So excited for what the next 31 days will bring!

  2. OMG- this is the PERFECT slice to encompass everything going on in the minds of slicers on this fine first day. Love love love! I do feel it. It’s March. It’s here!

  3. I love when someone has the ability to reach deep within my soul and express the words I am trying so desperately to find. You have that ability and THIS is one of those posts. You found the perfect words to bring all of us closer together…… LOVE THIS!!!

  4. It’s so nice to have you back! You captured the feelings of this month of slicing perfectly in the anticipation in the beginning of your writing and the shift of no judgement. This is a beautiful way to begin the month.

  5. This piece is electric! The slicers battle cry…charged with the nervousness and excitement of the slice! We will connect! We will write! Let’s do it!!!!

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