OLW 2016

SOL Tuesday….

It’s both physical and emotional.

It’s both mind and body.

It’s less desk, more schools.

It’s more exercise, less sleep.

It’s more progress, less status quo.

It’s more work and more play.

It’s about a new?  Better?  Improved?  Place over yesterday.

It’s not about the same?  Boring?  Stagnant?  Place as yesterday.


Both mind and body.

One Little Word.




7 thoughts on “OLW 2016

  1. Great OLW! I could have used that one, too! I picked and sliced today another though, that will still require me to MOVE, too! BTW, I put your corrected link on the TWT page under your comment there. Your URL wasn’t right – but I found you!

  2. Hey, thanks Donna! I knew it was wrong but was having trouble fixing it! It’s so nice to have virtual friends in this community. I’ll check out your OLW now!

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